Small Group Tours | 10 Reasons Why Small is Beautiful

by Dennis Bunnik

Our reasons for starting Bunnik Tours were simple – we wanted to give Australian’s a better way of seeing the world and we wanted to spread the benefits of tourism. A key part of achieving both these aims is our concept of small groups and here are our top 10 reasons why Small is Beautiful…

Number 1: Small groups mean you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying. Getting on and off buses, hotel check-in, comfort stops, meals – with a small group everything is quicker and easier. So you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying!

Number 2: More time with your guides. Imagine one guide having to manage 50 people and still answer questions. In a smaller group you’ll have more one-on-one time with your guide and plenty of opportunity to ask questions and take advantage of their wealth of local knowledge.

Number 3: More room on the coach – we still use full sized coaches so there are always plenty of empty seats to spread out. More space equals more comfort and more comfort equals more happiness!

Number 4: Better Views – those empty seats on the bus means that everybody has a better view and you’re not taking photos of the back of heads.

small group accom - papallactaNumber 5: More Hotel Choice – big groups are limited to big hotels. Our smaller groups can stay at smaller properties with character, closer to the action.

Number 6: Less Time on the Coach. Because we have a greater choice of hotels we can stay closer to the action so you’ll spend less time on the bus and more time enjoying the sights.

Number 7: Get off the Tourist Trail. Big groups created the tourist trail – small groups can move beyond it and really discover the essence of the places they visit.

Number 8: Greater Flexibility. Small groups are more flexible so we can change the itinerary to suit the local conditions. Be that avoiding the crowds or staying a little longer to join the festivities.

Number 9: Be a Responsible Tourist. Small groups are responsible tourism – we don’t ruin the very thing we’ve come to see. We’re also able to support smaller businesses so the benefits of tourism are spread throughout the communities we visit.

Number 10: Small Groups are More FUN! Small groups are more fun and give you a better holiday experience because you get the chance to interact with the whole group, not just a small portion of a full coach.

A word of caution – by limiting our groups to just 20 people, many departures will sell out quickly. To counter this we have increased departure dates however we still recommend booking as early as possible to ensure the greatest choice of dates.

Max 20 small groupAll Bunnik Tours have a maximum group size 20 people, with Africa having a maximum group size of just 12.

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