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Japan, Mt Fuji Autumn Leaves

by Catherine Kelly

Each season in Japan offers the Australian traveller something unique and undoubtedly beautiful. Explore Japan throughout the stunning cherry blossom season in spring, capture the turning of the summer foliage to deep autumnal colours or watch Japanese snow monkeys frolic in winter.

Our great range of small group tours to Japan throughout these seasons will see you spoilt for choice as to when to travel.

Springtime Blooms in Japan

Hanami in Japan

During spring, travellers can participate in the one thousand year old tradition of hanami, literally meaning ‘viewing flowers’. Families flock to parks to picnic and seek out the best spots to view the cherry blossom (sakura) trees. Pure white, palest pinks to rich cerise flowers bloom across the country from south to north as the temperature grows warmer through March to May. Bear witness to this abundance of cherry blossoms for yourself.

Bunnik Tours’ Japan Discovery and Discover Japan & South Korea small group tours offer departure dates during spring.

Japan’s Autumnal Hues

Autumn in Japan

See the maple leaves in a myriad of reds and yellows and explore Japan on a tour that delves in to its rich history and cultural traditions. Like hanami in spring, momiji-gari is to savour the view of the changing leaves in autumn.

Venture north to witness autumn in all it’s glory on Bunnik Tours’ Colours of Northern Japan small group tour.

Monkeying about in Winter

Snow Monkeys in Japan

If your heart doesn’t melt at the sight of two cuddling monkeys in the snow than we don’t know what will! Here’s your chance to travel to Japan in winter and explore its crystal wonderland. Visit Yudanaka Onsen hot springs and see the snow monkeys. During the cold months they are known for spending their days in the warm waters of the hot springs. Awww.

You’ll also have plenty of time to discover Japan’s cultural highlights and modern advances before travelling north to the island of Hokkaido for the Sapporo Snow Festival, one of Japan’s largest winter events with snow and ice sculptures lining the streets.

Experience Japan’s winter wonderland on Bunnik Tours’ Discover Winter in Japan small group tour.

For more information and travel tips, visit the Japan National Tourism Organization.

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    I woud like to do a trip to Japan one day. and ruins in Thailand. I would like to see South America – ruins at Macchu Picchu – Lima, Bolivia. First I have to have good health!I am working on this~!

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