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Angkor Wat at Sunrise

By Lisa Hunt.

Angkor Wat has long been one of those places on my bucket list, and we were lucky enough to see it on our last day. And what a way to finish! We had the choice of visiting at sunrise or mid-morning, but there was no way we could pass up the opportunity to see this phenomenal place in all its glory at sunrise – a truly a magnificent sight to witness, and well worth getting up early for. Continue reading


Angkor Thom, Cambodia | The Big City of Angkor Thom

By Leon Cowan

I was lucky enough to be invited on a recent trip to explore Vietnam and Cambodia. We visited Siem Reap which is most famous for the temple of Angkor Wat.

Without doubt, Angkor Wat is one of the most impressive places I’ve visited in nearly twenty years of working in the Travel Industry, and it ticked off another one of the many places on my extensive list, but the unexpected surprise for me was the ancient Khmer city of Angkor Thom, another of Siem Reap and Cambodia’s main highlights.

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Ta Phrom 4

Ta Prohm, Cambodia | The Totally Spectacular Ta Prohm

By David Hammett

Prior to travelling to Cambodia I had it in my head that the famous Angkor Wat temple would be the pinnacle of our sightseeing on tour.

Travelling as part of a group of Bunnik Tours staff we began our journey from Vietnam to Cambodia starting with the hustle and bustle of Saigon in southern Vietnam through the Mekong Delta and up into Cambodia’s Phnom Penh and finally, onto Siem Reap – home of Angkor Wat. As every day passed we edged closer and closer to our visit and the excitement grew among the group. Continue reading

Angkor Wat, Cambodia | Magnificent Angkor Wat

by Sacha Bunnik

One of the highlights of my role as Operations Director at Bunnik Tours is my need to visit exotic locations around the world for quality control. Yes I have a hard life. I was lucky enough to be able to take Amie my middle daughter on this two week adventure that included the fascinating country of Cambodia.

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