Lake Bled, Slovenia | It doesn’t get more picturesque

by Sacha Bunnik

Looking at Lake Bled it feels like you are looking at a picture perfect postcard, with the blue of the lake, snow-capped mountains in the background and historic church on the island in the middle of the lake.

Beautiful Lake Bled

It must be one of the most photographed places in Slovenia and I am sure that the Slovenian tourism office uses it on almost all of its brochures. Seeing it firsthand, I can tell you that it is spectacular.

Lake Bled in the Slovenian Alps

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is an alpine town, located 55 kilometres north of Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital and is the base of winter sport activities as it receives a fair amount of snow each year. Dennis and I visited in May at the start of summer and just fell in love with this alpine wonder. I think these photos will show you why!

Bled Castle

Bled CastleThe main touristy things to do when visiting Lake Bled are a boat trip out to the island with the pilgrimage church on it and a visit to Bled Castle. Bled Castle dates back to the 10th century and was built on the cliffs overlooking the village of Bled and the lake itself.

The northern part of the lake has a footpath that links some spectacular lookouts and flowering gardens together with cafés, ice cream shops and restaurants, all with amazing vistas over the lake.

Sacha enjoying the famous Bled delicacy

Dennis also partaking in a pieceA must do for anyone visiting Lake Bled is to feast on the famous and fattening Lake Bled Cream Cake (Kremsnita), which was invented about 50 years ago by the chef at the lakeside Park Hotel. The cake is made by mixing in a healthy amount of custard, pastry, powered sugar and lots of cream together. The Park Hotel now sells about 5000 serves of this cake a week and trust me when I tell you it is delicious.

Lake Bled

Put Lake Bled on your next European itinerary and you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Phil Hanson says:

    Lake Bled – magnificent. The Cream Cake tastes as good as it looks. We had one at the same place. It is light not heavy. We were at Lake Bled on the Sept 2013 Jewels Of Dalmatia Tour

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