2021 Past Promotional Terms and Conditions

Past promotional terms and conditions can be found below. Please note these promotions are not active and are included below as reference only.

2022 at 2020 Pricing Sale Conditions

Commenced 16 November 2020

Finished 29 January 2021

  • Bookings must be made and deposit paid by 29 January 2021.
  • 2020 price relates to the base tour package including flights and taxes in force in 2020.
  • Any new or increased taxes, fees, surcharges, levies imposed by suppliers and/or governments will be payable in addition.
  • Seasonality in terms of airfares and ground arrangements will be as per those applied by suppliers in 2022. For the purposes of clarity if a Low or Shoulder Season date in 2020 now falls into High Season in 2022 then the 2020 High Season price will be charged. Note: 2022 seasonality may not be determined until well into 2021.
  • Any decrease in the value of the Australian dollar greater than 5% below the rate as at 15 November 2020 will result in a currency surcharge.