Giving Something Back

Bunnik Tours are committed to giving something back to the communities we visit. For each booking received we make a donation to the following organisations which do a tremendous job helping the less fortunate. Over the few years we have raised and donated over $100,000 through our Bunnik Tours charity program. Here’s a little more information on the charities we support and the important work they do.

Sri Lanka Community Projects


Bunnik Tours began supporting the Sri Lanka Community Projects charity just after the devastating 2004 Tsunami. This support has continued over the last few years and now results in a group, led by Frank Bunnik, going over to Sri Lanka every year.
Every time the group visit there is always a new list of jobs to help with and over the last few years they have worked really hard and managed to build 17 stone houses and much essential school furniture.
Longer term the aim is to provide building materials to the local communities so they can build their own furniture and sell it. This will enable local people to make a living. This money can then be used to provide for their families and children’s education enabling future generations to escape the poverty trap.

Walk to Cure Diabetes


The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's (JDRF) mission is 'to find a cure for diabetes and its complications through the support of research'. "Walk to Cure Diabetes" encourages the Type 1 diabetes community along with friends, family and colleagues to come together and share in the hope for a cure. In the months leading up to the Walk to Cure Diabetes, community come together by registering online and fundraising so JDRF can support dozens of medical research projects that focus to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes. Bunniks recognise the vital importance of this research by donating $5000 each year towards the cause, and by encouraging others to register for the walk. You can also help JDRF by purchasing Lottery Tickets through the People's Choice Credit Union Community Lottery here. For more details visit

Bali Kids / Carry for Kids


Carry for kids is a charity that aims to encourage and educate people to take something with them on their holidays that can be given direct to schools or orphanages. This way the children get the immediate benefit and in poorer countries things as small as a tube of toothpaste or a pen can really make a difference.
Carry for kids helps to improve the lives of children in developing countries by providing a vital link between travellers and children's centres overseas. They do this by educating airline staff, travel agents and travellers regarding the needs of children at various destinations and how they in turn can educate others to make a valid contribution to the lives of disadvantaged children.
Bali Kids provides free medical treatment to all children in Bali’s orphanages and currently provides treatment and health and hygiene education for 600 to 900 children every month. For details see

Fred Hollows Foundation


Bunnik Tours also provide charitable contributions to the Fred Hollows Foundation. The charity is an independent, non-profit, development agency. Established in 1992, the foundation is inspired by the work and example of the late Professor Fred Hollows a champion for the right of all people to access quality health care and achieve well being. Working to continue Fred's vision, The Fred Hollows Foundation in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, have come together to form a global network to eradicate avoidable blindness around the world.Through this network, the charity works in over twenty countries worldwide. So far the Fred Hollows Foundation has restored sight to well over one million people. For more details see