Not Too Young & Not Too Old

We like to refer to our tours as being for the forgotten age group; like-minded people who don’t want to party until sunrise, but who don’t want to go to bed at sunset either! It’s about discovering new places in the comfort of a small group, with people you can relate to.


When Marion Bunnik created her first Bunnik tour in 2003 her philosophy was simple, to provide Australian travellers with a better way of touring. This resulted in Bunnik Tours pioneering the concept of touring for the Not Too Young & Not Too Old. Throughout her extensive research Marion had found that while there were tours for the older and younger age groups, the majority of travellers in the middle were being left behind. Travelling for the Not Too Young & Not Too Old means getting out there and really experiencing a destination. We visit all the famous landmarks but also take time to get off the tourist track. Our itineraries include plenty of sightseeing but we also give you time to explore and experience on your own.

We don’t put specific age limits on our tours. After all, age is a state of mind .. and anti-discrimination laws are pretty tough! However, do bear in mind that our itineraries are specifically designed for people who have good mobility and a reasonable level of fitness. As we explore the world expect to do lots of walking and sometimes you may need to carry your own bags to your room. For this reason we ask that all passengers over 70 years of age obtain medical clearance before travelling.

But remember, we are not a rough and tumble adventure-tour company!  Everything is arranged, you’ll have a guide, travel in air-conditioned vehicles (when not travelling on camels or cable cars!) and each night, enjoy  a comfortable bed in a good quality hotel with private facilities.