Small Group Touring Philosophy – Responsible Tourism

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 20 Jun 22

We all know small group tours create a better holiday experience, but did you know they are better on the environment too? Sustainable tourism is paramount to us, and we’re here to help you be a more responsible tourist.

Local woman in Sri Lanka by Dennis Bunnik

Local woman in Sri Lanka by Dennis Bunnik

Our group tours have a maximum of 20 passengers or less. Small groups are low-impact and don't ruin the place you've come to see. Big tour groups are limited by large hotels and restaurants, however with our small groups, we’re able to stay in boutique hotels and visit small joints, better helping the local communities we visit!

We truly believe that tourism can be an incredible force for good in this beautiful world we live in – this is why sustainable and responsible travel is at the heart of everything we do.  

Images by Marion and Dennis Bunnik

Our group tour packages have many built-in inclusions, such as lots of breathtaking sightseeing. In saying that, we’re also big fans of including free time on holiday. This helps to spread the economic benefits across a destination, particularly in smaller towns or cities. Our Product Specialists carefully craft our small group holiday itineraries to avoid over-tourism and over-crowding where possible.

On our 20 day Turkey in Depth small group tour, we enjoy a full or half day at leisure in Istanbul, Beyşehir, Antalya, Kaş and Kuşadasi. Along with plenty of included sightseeing in these locations, this extra free time gives you the opportunity to venture far and wide at your own will.

Image by Marion Bunnik

Small groups allow us the opportunity to dine at quaint locations. Travel is all about exploring the world and discovering its diversity of people and culture – and we believe this can be done through food. Connecting with locals can bridge gaps between cultures, and allows the locals to share their traditions and cultures authentically and proudly.

On our 21 day Scandinavian Discovery small group tour, we partake in the special experience of dining with a Dane. Splitting into even smaller groups, we visit the homes of local Danish families who will cook a delicious home-cooked dinner, all while laughing and sharing interesting tales.

We’re also welcomed into the home of a Sri Lankan family, in the local village near Sigiriya. On our 17 day Sri Lankan Discovery small group tour, we enjoy a home-cooked lunch and bask in the rich, delicious food and flavours.

All images by Dennis Bunnik


Small boutique hotels are perfect for small groups – it’s really a match made in heaven. We like to stay in accommodation that blends seamlessly into its surrounding environment; accommodation that doesn’t spoil the very thing we are seeking to experience.

Wherever possible, we stay at local hotels and special accommodation. Not only is this more personal and creates a better holiday experience, but it also helps us be more responsible tourists. Rather than always staying at the bigger chain hotels, we spread the economic benefits of tourism further throughout the community.

Image by Dennis Bunnik

On our 17 day Kenya & Tanzania small group tour, we stay in beautiful African lodges in the heart of the regions we visit. From two nights in Amboseli National Park with uninterrupted views of Mt Kilimanjaro to staying in the heart of Maasai Mara in a luxury tent; these unique stays employ locals, contributing to the benefit of the communities we visit!

Image by Adam Dickson

On our 26 day South America In-Style small group tour, we’ll stay at one of Argentina’s oldest estancias. A melting pot of elegance and colonial excellence, being welcomed into this private home rich with history, is an unforgettable experience.

Image by Marion Bunnik

We’re also dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint.

We are implementing initiatives across some of our most popular destinations in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. We’ve began trialling the use of reusable bottles on holiday, with the ultimate goal of having 80% of our small group tours using these by 2025.

Passengers can also take these home, further reducing the impact of single use plastic water bottles over the life of the reusable bottle. It's a win win for everyone!

On tour, sometimes we’ll ditch the transport all together and just explore by foot! Not only can this bring you closer to the action and help you gain a better appreciation for the destination, but it also helps us to reduce our environmental footprint.

Image by Dennis Bunnik