Oceanwide Expeditions Optional Activities

Combine the amazing experience of cruising the Polar regions, with one of Oceanwide Expeditions' various Optional Activities. Witness every viewpoint of this stunning landscape, capturing all that the regions have to offer.

Optional activites available on various cruises to the Arctic & Antarctic

Kayaking - from $470pp US


One of the best features of Polar Region cruises is that you’re never done exploring. Even if you feel you’ve walked all over the Arctic or Antarctic, climbed every mountain, and said hello to every possible penguin, there’s still another whole world to explore – the water. Polar cruise kayaking is an amazing way to slip into the white and blue beauty of the quiet oceans around you.

What's included?

We provide the kayaks (5 single-seat and 5 double-seat Perception Horizon II and Perception Sea Yaks), the paddles, Neoprene wetsuits, splash shirts and spray covers, Neoprene booties and caps, and a life-jacket/kayak vest (Palm). You do however want to make sure you’re dressed properly for your excursion in the open Polar air, so you'll need to ensure you bring/rent the appropriate clothing.

Required experience and fitness levels vary depending on your selected voyage.

For more details, contact us here.


Camping - from $195pp US


If you’re looking for an experience that truly breaks the mold of traditional cruise activities, we’d like to introduce you to one of our most unique options: camping under the Antarctic skies.

What's included?

Oceanwide provides you with a polar synthetic sleeping bag that has a cotton inner liner. We’ll also provide:

  • Breathable bivouac bag
  • Mattresses
  • Portable field toilet (one per group)
  • Waterproof transport bag
  • Insulated waterproof rubber boots

You will need to ensure you bring/rent appropriate clothing for a night out near the South Pole.

For more details, contact us here.


Snowshoeing - Free of charge


There really is no better way to take in a new place than by exploring it on foot.  With that in mind Oceanwide Expeditions offers you the chance to explore your way inland from the Polar shorelines with a wide variety of snowshoeing expeditions built for everyone. From the casual explorer to the hard-core snowshoe-er.

What's included?

While the snowshoes are provided, you will need to ensure you bring/rent appropriate clothing for a day of hiking the fairly rugged terrain.

For more details, contact us here.


Polar Diving - from $950pp US

Polar diving

As if visiting the Arctic or Antarctic were not otherworldly enough, there is a whole other world for you to explore under the surface of the seas.

The Antarctic waters are rich with krill, meaning that quite a lot of marine life is attracted to the area. In addition to seals you’ll also have a good chance to make friends with some the penguin population on your dives.

What's included?

While compressors and weights are provided, you will need to ensure you bring/rent all other required gear/clothing for exploring the sub-freezing waters.

Prior experience is essential.

For more details, contact us here.


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