Sri Lankan Discovery Loved It! 4
Loved the tour. Visiting the local villages and experiencing the… read more Colleen West - May 2018
Egypt in Depth Fascinating history 5
The ancient history of the Egyptians. The pyramids. The tombs.… read more John H - April 2018
Egypt, Israel & Jordan 2019/20 Great history 5
Scenery, culture, history, these were painting me a wonderful picture… read more Hung C - March 2018
Egypt & Jordan in Depth 2019/20 We loved that each day bought new amazing sights 5
We loved that we learned so much from our guides,… read more Angel R - March 2018
Egypt, Israel & Jordan 2019/20 Variety of attractions and experiences 5
Visiting sites we had herd about all our lives like… read more Kenneth B - March 2018
Egypt, Israel & Jordan 2019/20 Exciting discoveries 5
Every day was full of new and exciting discoveries. Everything… read more Suzanne S - March 2018
Greece in Depth Loved everything 5
Loved the food, drink, archaeological sites, tour guides. Hotels were… read more Brain M - October 2018
Italy & France Great experiences 5
The farm/winery visits where meals were prepared by the owners/locals.… read more Marilyn C - September 2018
Highlights of Egypt & Jordan 2019/20 Amazing adventure 5
The adventure and experience to see things that we have… read more Paul A - August 2018
Scandinavian Discovery Well organised & great variety 5
the organisation, quality of accommodation, included unexpected treats such as… read more Richard M - July 2018
Northern Italy, Slovenia & Croatia Northern Italy, Slovenia & Croatia 5
Going to places I haven't explored before but have wanted… read more Kathryn S - July 2018
Scandinavian Discovery Great guide 5
The quality of our guide, Tina Music, was outstanding, her… read more Peter B - July 2018
Highlights of Egypt & Jordan 2019/20 Childhood dream fulfilled 5
My wife's childhood dream to visit Egypt and see the… read more Kenneth A - July 2018
Spain, Portugal & Morocco Interesting holiday 4
A wonderful itinerary with two countries that I had never… read more Brenda P - June 2018
Spain, Portugal & Morocco Organised 5
Small group and well organised read more Roslyn S - June 2018
Southern Italy, Sicily & Malta Malta 4
I wanted to go to Malta and this tour finished… read more Francis C - May 2018
Moscow to Prague The content of the tour was fabulous 4
Accommodation was fab, we had plenty of free time and… read more Geoffrey A - May 2018
Scandinavian Discovery Loved everything 5
We loved the entire holiday, the destinations, the attractions and… read more Trevor S - May 2018
Northern Spain & Portugal Scenery, places and pace 5
The places we visited, the scenery our tour leader the… read more Bruce B - May 2018
Scandinavian Discovery Great guide 4
A wonderful group of tour companions,the best tour leader Tina… read more Susan C - May 2018