Consisting of approximately 770 islands, the Falkland Islands, or Islas Malvinas, covers 12,173 square kilometres (approximately half the size of Wales!). Located the same distance to the South Pole as London is to the North Pole, the Falklands are a Sovereign State of the United Kingdom, although this is still disputed by Argentina and led to the Falklands War in 1982, which lasted for just 10 weeks. These days, the windswept and treeless islands have a very English feel, as the majority of Islanders are of British descent.

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Oceanwide Expeditions - Falkland Islands - South Georgia - Antarctica

This Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and Antarctic Peninsula cruise is an animal-lover’s dream come true.

Days 20
From (Per person / Twin share) $22,225

Falkland Islands Facts & Tips

Capital — Stanley
Population — 3,602
Language — English
Religion — Christian
Time Zone
Time Zone — 13 hours behind AEST
Currency — Falkland Islands Pound

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