One of the wildest and most remote places on earth, South Georgia has one of the largest populations of penguins (about 4 million pairs in peak breeding season), and one of the densest examples of marine biodiversity in the world. All this in an area only slightly bigger than Greater Adelaide! The current population is made entirely of scientific and museum staff who live here seasonally, and the island is only accessible by boat. Large cruise ships aren’t allowed to visit, only smaller expedition ships, and only between November and March.

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Oceanwide Expeditions - Falkland Islands - South Georgia - Antarctica

This Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and Antarctic Peninsula cruise is an animal-lover’s dream come true.

Days 20
From (Per person / Twin share) $22,225

South Georgia Facts & Tips

Capital — King Edward Point
Population — 30
Language — English
Religion — Protestantism
Time Zone
Time Zone — 12 hours behind AEST
Currency — Falkland Islands pound

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