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Marion Bunnik created her first tour back in 2003. Now over 10 years later the  tour program has expanded to include over 50 itineraries to some of the world's most exciting and exotic destinations. As well as expanding the tour program the in-house team has grown too and today numbers over 50 and includes 10 different nationalities. Having such a diverse background and a natural passion for travel means there are not many places in the world where one of the team hasn’t spent time.

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Bunnik Tours Directors

Marion Bunnik, Product Director


The founder of Bunnik Tours travel flows in Marion’s blood, as she is rarely home for more than 2 months consecutively as she explores the world. Marion has been to over 80 countries and all 7 continents… space travel might be on the cards as she looks for new destinations to travel to. She has recently travelled to Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Holland, America, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and India.
Marion has a great love for culture and learning languages, as she can speak French, Dutch, German, Spanish and even a bit of Indonesian and English (or Double Dutch). Marion is happily married to Frank, her high school sweetheart, and has 3 children and 7 grand children to keep her occupied.

Astrology and alternative medicines are Marion’s hobbies as well as walking on the beach and over eating (which seems to be a Bunnik thing!).

Sacha Bunnik, Operations Director


Sacha started his career in the travel industry with Singapore Airlines in Adelaide, before moving to the family business in 1996. He is married to his high school sweetheart Inger and has three beautiful daughters, Bailey, Amie and Summer.

He has recently completed his Masters in Business (MBA) and is now busy learning Spanish.
Sacha has travelled to America, the Caribbean, Croatia, Bosnia, Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Laos, Vietnam, England, Germany, Holland, Libya, Jordan, Egypt, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Cambodia.

Being a real sports nut, Sacha follows both Adelaide United (soccer) and the mighty Adelaide Crows (AFL), is a gym junkie as he has been trying to lose weight for the last 15 years. His only sporting glory has been winning the company's foosball world cup twice over the last few years.  He is also a keen follower of the reality TV, including Amazing Race and Survivor.

Dennis Bunnik, Managing Director


Dennis is a chartered accountant and a Volvo driver; that said he is known to take a risk from time to time, such as crossing the road before the lights turn green. Dennis is married to Julie and has two beautiful sons.
Dennis lived in London for many years and has travelled extensively around the world most of his life. His recent trips include America, the Caribbean, Mexico, France, Austria, England, Germany, Holland, Libya, Egypt, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Dennis prefers nothing better than to spend his weekends reading broadsheet newspapers, eating bread and pottering around the garden. Dennis can also be found early most mornings, walking around the Adelaide parklands with his Nordic walking sticks, to the delight of passing cars. 


General Managers

Kevin Bishop, General Manager - Sales


Kevin has over twenty-five years’ experience in the travel industry and a passion for travel and everything it brings. Originally from the UK, Kevin's family emigrated to Australia where he grew up in Melbourne. A music lover, Kevin enjoys "collecting vinyl", enjoys art house movies and good thrillers and is a big technology fan. He's also an avid sports fan ..Tennis, Football, Soccer etc. His claim to fame was being coached by Tony Roche when younger - for 15 minutes!
When not working, Kevin enjoys time with his partner and 2 boys, and of course travelling. To date he has travelled extensively around Asia, Pacific, Europe and parts of Africa, US, Canada & Guatemala. Kevin recently joined a group on our Japan Discovery tour to get some firsthand experience of what it's like to travel on a Bunnik Tour. His favourite journey is the next one he will travel to!

Annelieke Huijgens, General Manager - Product & Operations


Annelieke is one of Bunnik Tours longest serving members of staff joining the company in 1997, she has worked in retail, product and reservations. Annelieke has a real passion for travel and has travelled extensively but the list of destinations she has visited was given a big boost when she and long term partner Gary took their long service leave in 2009/10. On her three months leave Annelieke and Gary lived the Bunnik Tours brochure as they followed our itineraries through Laos, Jordan, Syria, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru. They also managed a few additional destinations including Antarctica, Holland and the UK.

Originating from Holland, Annelieke has been in Australia for 16 years, although wanting to keep in touch with her roots she stills rides a dutch bike, which she brought to Australia with her on the plane! In her spare time she loves visiting Adelaide's Central Market to stock up on Gouda cheese (she says it’s the world's nicest, but we’re not all convinced!) and eat dim sims and Charn kway Teow. 

National Sales Development & Training Team

Paul Cook, National Sales Manager


Paul comes to us with over 20 years’ experience in travel.  This includes many years in the cruising industry and 10 years as State Sales Manager (SA/NT) for Qantas Holidays.
He counts himself lucky to have travelled to many countries including, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, UK, Europe, Ireland and Africa ! Some of his favourite travel experiences include Trekking 150 kilometres with mates down the Zambezi Valley in Zimbabwe, his son’s wedding in Santorini, driving around Southern Ireland with his wife navigating (including a slight debate about navigation skills!) and the Big Apple New York. He’s still got plenty to go!
He is married to Anda with two grown up kids - the best kind. He’s also a very proud owner of a Magnificent Belgian Shepherd named Kodi who he loves taking for big long walks by the river on Saturday mornings. Paul is an avid Crows Supporter, follower of the Aussie Cricket Team and been known to enjoy a cold beer or a glass of good red (life’s too short to drink bad wine) with Asian food.

Walter Delorie, Business Development Manager NSW/ACT


Walter joins us with 20 years experience in the travel industry. He loves exploring new destinations, meeting people and has a passion for nature and wild life. Travel is definately in his blood!
When not travelling, Walter loves to unwind by tending his large garden and likes to dabble in some woodworking projects. He also enjoys time with family and likes nothing more than catching up regularly for lunches and dinners.

Lachlan Burnet, Business Development Manager NSW/ACT


Originally an Adelaide boy, but now calling Sydney home, Lachlan joins the Bunnik family with over 20 years experience in the travel and tourism industry. He’s lived in Asia for 7 years - Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Vietnam - and spent many years working as a tour leader in Asia, “the best job in the world” as well as London. He's also lived in many other locations overseas, along with time in Melbourne and The Gold Coast.

Lachlan’s great loves are travel, sport, good food and wine as well as reading. He's a huge fan of the Melbourne Demons in the AFL, and is a keen cricket and Rugby League follower. He's also a bit of a self-confessed “AV Geek” and loves flying and anything to do with flying. Whilst we all find the quickest way to get to our destination, Lachlan will try to find the longest, slowest route to get there whilst taking as many flights as possible in order to try new airlines and maximise his frequent flyer points and status credits! He also loves airline food!

Adam Dickson, Business Development Manager SA/WA


Adam joined the travel industry in 2004. Having spent several months working (in fitness, his previous career) and travelling around the US, Adam discovered his passion for travel! Over the years he's travelled extensively throughout Europe including UK, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, Monaco, France and Spain. Closer to home, Adam has visited New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Bali, Hong Kong and Japan.

He's also a self-confessed sports fanatic closely following his beloved Liverpool FC, Adelaide United and Adelaide Crows in the AFL. He also loves his motorsport from Formula One to V8 Supercars.

Adam considers himself a bit of a foodie but confesses he steers clear of the kitchen, leaving the best food experiences to the professionals and their craft. Adam recently married his partner Cassie and they are both enjoying life in their new home. Next in their sights is more world travel with South America, Scandinavia and Africa on the bucket list.

Lisa Hunt, Business Development Manager VIC


Lisa joins Bunnik with several years experience in the travel industry. She has travelled to USA, UK, France, Italy, Monaco, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, South Pacific and New Zealand and her favourite place is Positano, Italy – nothing beats the food and the scenery! Dallas, Texas also has a special place in her heart as it's where her brother Lee lives with his wife and Lisa's 2 adorable nieces. Lisa tries to visit as often as possible because the girls are growing up fast. Next on her wish list are Morocco, Canada and another trip to Italy – she can't stop thinking about that food!
Lisa is passionate about music and loves nothing more than attending concerts and singing in the car. Summer in Melbourne is her favourite time of year as she enjoys spending time at the beach, the pool and attending the Australian Open tennis.

Zoe Francis, Business Development Manager VIC/TAS/SA


Zoe recently joined the Bunnik team with over 12 years experience in the travel industry, in a variety of roles, from reservations to consulting and more recently in sales development.

She has travelled extensively both on tours and independently through South, Central America and North America, India, Nepal, Japan & South East Asia, New Zealand and Europe.  One of her most challenging, yet rewarding experiences was completing a 3 night trek through the mountains of Nepal as well as spending a day volunteering with underprivileged children in Cambodia

A trip to East Africa meant she got to tick off a childhood dream, getting very close to the wild mountain gorillas of Uganda and seeing the Big 5 in Tanzania. She's travelled to Russia (her favourite city is St Petersburg) and most recently spent 10 days in Egypt. Next up is Colombia and a trek to the lost city of Ciudad Perdida. When not working or travelling, Zoe enjoys spending time with her Labradoodle puppy Jaffa and indulging in good food & wine!

Dan Zadow, Business Development Manager QLD


Dan has worked in Travel since 2002 covering retail, corporate, online and wholesale before joining the Bunnik team in 2015. He has travelled through Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and Sri Lanka along with the US and Canada and South America. Next on the cards for him San Francisco, a wedding in Calgary, Toronto and NYC.
He can speak read and write Japanese but has slowly lost it over the years, mainly because he is still yet to make it to Japan! In his spare time he loves to catch up with mates for ‘wine time’ and loves all things nerdy & geeky especially TV and movies. He was also an avid collector of LEGO and Pop Vinyls – but recently decided to stop for fear of getting his own TV special on ‘Hoarders; Buried Alive’!


Sales Team

Jennifer Calnin, Sales Team Manager 

Jen Profile

Jennifer started her travel career with Bunnik Tours in 2005 as a very shy junior consultant but now heads up the Sales Team alongside David. As a passionate Port Adelaide FC fan, she loves nothing more than watching her team beat the cross-town rivals the Adelaide Crows. Jennifer's other loves are music festivals, wine, catching up with friends, and most of all spending time with her beloved family.
Jennifer has ticked quite a lot off her bucket list, but as we all know, the more you cross off the list, the more you quickly add back on!  She has travelled to Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Egypt, Dubai, India, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Vatican City with her Liverpool FC-loving husband Matt, and to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, and recently on safari to Kenya with Bunnik Tours. Getting close enough to almost touch the Big 5 especially the majestic elephants in Kenya was truly incredible and an absolute dream come true!

Email jennifer.calnin@bunniktours.com.au 

David Hammett, Sales Team Manager


Dave has been with Bunnik Tours for over 16 years, having joined as a young, impressionable 18-year-old Junior Travel Consultant.  He now heads up the sales department as Sales Team Manager. Dave loves to travel and has been fortunate enough to travel to various places including Egypt, China, South America (twice), South Africa, Hawaii, Mexico, Cuba and Canada. His all-time favourite holiday destination is the USA, where he has clocked up over 10 visits on various self-drive holidays!

He has put the final touches on an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) and loves living close to the city with his wife, Alex.

Email david.hammett@bunniktours.com.au

Jerome Francis, Sales Team Manager


Travel has been Jerome’s passion for as long as he can remember, as he is fascinated by natural wonders, history, architecture, cultures, new cuisines and languages. After high school he completed his degree in Aviation Management and has now been in the travel industry for eight years and counting.

Jerome has fond memories of cruising along Halong Bay and the Mekong Delta, discovering the local life along the Tonlé Sap Lake and explore the amazing temples of Angkor. Climbing the Lion Fortress known as ‘Sigiriya’ and going on safari in Minneriya National Park while spotting the gentle giants in their natural habitat are among his favourite Sri Lankan travel experiences. He’s looking forward to exploring South and Central America, Africa, the Arctic and the Antarctic in the future. 

Aside from travel, Jerome also enjoys playing sports, especially soccer, rugby and basketball. His other passions include playing video games, drawing, and watching movies. 

Email jerome.francis@bunniktours.com.au

Hayley Ovens, Travel Consultant


Hayley emigrated from the UK with her family in the winter of 2005, and apart from missing a good cuppa tea would never go back! On route to her new home she visited the west coast of America, Florida, Fiji, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand – and all over Australia before finally settling in Adelaide. Having worked in the industry for 7 years, her passion for travel has only increased and she is always planning ahead for her next adventure! Her best travel experience was backpacking through Asia for 3 months and her favourite place was Koh Tao in Thailand. From staying in guest houses, hammocks, trying new and unusual foods every day and seeing new things, it was an experience she will never forget.

Hayley was lucky enough to spend 2 weeks in Costa Rica with friends and then three weeks travelling the deep south of the USA. In her spare time, she enjoys spoiling her niece and nephew, enjoying good food and wine and catching up with friends.

Email hayley.ovens@bunniktours.com.au

Raymond Mackenzie, Travel Consultant


Raymond’s passion for travel was kindled by curiosity. At 11 years old he travelled to India and has been chasing that feeling of pure wonder and awe he felt as he stood in front of the Taj Mahal ever since. He loves to read about all things travel to find stories about places he’s never heard of. He began working in the travel industry as soon as he left school and hasn’t looked back since. He’s travelled to India, UAE and Bahrain, and he is now dreaming about Switzerland to admire its natural beauty.

Raymond’s other passion is electronic music. He’s an accomplished DJ and producer, and his compositions have been picked up by some renowned music labels. In his spare time, he finds his groove creating playlists to entertain and bond with his followers.

Email raymond.mackenzie@bunniktours.com.au

TK Klein, Travel Consultant


TK joined the Bunnik Tours family in our newly opened Sri Lankan office. He’s got a heart of gold and a passion for travel and nature. He’s a self-confessed ruggerite—a person who loves rugby—and he’s been representing his college in rugby since the age of 12. When this avid All Blacks fan is not glued to the TV watching Rugby Union, he spends his time glued to his phone watching more Rugby on YouTube!! 

Before starting at Bunnik Tours, TK worked in the banking sector for five years, and then for a UK based travel company where he remained for another five years. He’s explored most of the beautiful places located in his home country of Sri Lanka and has also travelled throughout India. He was a part of the first ever Bunnik Mega Famil in Egypt and hopes to explore many more countries in the future, especially the number one destination on his bucket list—Africa!

Email tk.klein@bunniktours.com.au

Sarah McCarl, Travel Consultant


Sarah moved to Australia from New Zealand after marrying her husband..a ‘local’. They met on a 50 day Top Deck Tour of Europe (a long time ago!) and backpacked their way around Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Turkey and Europe. Sarah also spent a few months in the USA, Jamaica and then about 5 years in the UK before heading home via Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore. With Sarah's passion for travel, she found herself working for the iconic Australian trains The Ghan and Indian Pacific for 9 years before joining the Bunnik Team in 2015. She has 2 kids and has also infected them with the travel bug! Sarah's spare time is taken up running her kids around to their sport which she loves. She also enjoys losing herself in the occasional good book, and of course loves planning her next family holiday.

Email sarah.mccarl@bunniktours.com.au


Honi Gibson, Travel Consultant


Honi has 15 years’ experience in the travel industry, and her passion for travel began when she went to Spain on a language exchange trip in high school.

Since then she has made the most of every travel opportunity, having set foot on all 7 continents and over 40 countries. Some of her most memorable experiences are trekking to Machu Picchu in Peru, seeing sunrise at the Taj Mahal, riding a camel through the Moroccan Sahara and her most recent favourite - cruising and camping under the stars in Antarctica. The next destinations on her wish-list are Russia and the Baltics, Central America and East Africa. Experiencing new food, languages and cultural diversity are part of what she loves the most about travel.

When at home Honi loves hiking, cooking, spending time with family and friends and spoiling her dog.

Email honi.gibson@bunniktours.com.au

Victoria Hearn, Travel Consultant


Victoria started at Bunnik Tours as part of the Retail Team in 2010 after spending 2 years living in Vancouver, Canada. During her time at Bunnik Tours she has worked in most departments, but always finds herself back in the Sales Team, selling the Bunnik Dream!

Victoria has travelled extensively throughout the years and her favourite destinations are Canada (unsurprisingly) and Scotland, followed closely by Egypt, Jordan, Iceland and Turkey. She has now set foot on 6 of 7 continents, with a current total of 39 countries visited, and would love to travel back to Africa to see the rest of the continent as Morocco and Egypt are all she has seen. Antarctica is also high on the Bucket List, along with China and Japan, but home renovations mean the budget will only stretch to Kangaroo Island or Tasmania!  

She is a mad AFL fan, supporting the Adelaide Crows through their good times and bad, but let’s not talk about the 2017 Grand Final!

Email victoria.hearn@bunniktours.com.au

Chris Meechan, Travel Consultant


Chris caught the travel bug at an early age, when at 16 he took a break from school and travelled for 3 months around Europe on his own. Since that first trip he has been on many adventures through Europe, South America, South Africa, Asia, New Zealand the South Pacific and of course Australia.

His fondest travel memories include a 5-course dinner on the Eiffel Tower, seeing Machu Picchu first-hand and being in the audience for Eurovision 2015. While Chris loves ticking items off his bucket list, when away he can often be found people-watching at a café while sampling the local food and wine. His favourite cities include Berlin, Buenos Aires and Paris ... although he secretly dreams of retiring early in Cartagena!

While Chris’ mind is often dreaming of distant places, a bit closer to home he also loves spending time with his partner and two dogs and redecorating his house. Chris also holds the office record for injuring himself in his travels more than anyone else in the office!

Email chris.meechan@bunniktours.com.au

Sarah Wise, Travel Consultant


Sarah realised her passion for travel as a teenager while spending time in the UK. Since then Sarah has travelled all over the world with highlights being Venice, Paris, Egypt and Sri Lanka, but her favourite place will always be Canada. She spent seven months living in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, and it was in Canada that saw snow for the first time in her life and got to experience a real North American Halloween. The next place on her long list to conquer is Africa.

Sarah also has a real passion for sport. When she is not in the office you can usually find her at the Ice Arena or jetting off around Australia to play Ice Hockey for the Adelaide Rush in the Australian Women’s Ice Hockey League. Sarah was recently awarded ‘Most Improved Player’ for the Adelaide Rush. Ice Hockey is not Sarah’s only love—you can often hear her talking all things Sharni Layton, Magpies and Suncorp Super Netball.

Email sarah.wise@bunniktours.com.au

Carl Johnson, Travel Consultant


Carl discovered his passion for travel when he took his first memorable steps into the travel industry in 2010 and hasn't looked back since. With extensive experience in the airline industry, he considers himself an adventurer and explorer at heart—and his never-ending bucket list is a testament to that! His passion for travel is fuelled by history, monuments and nature, so it’s no surprise that Japan, Egypt, Peru, Brazil, Italy and Rwanda are at the top of his list right now.

Carl loves getting out and exploring Sri Lanka. Climbing and exploring Sigiriya, the ancient rock fortress near Dambulla popularly known to locals as the 'eighth wonder of the world', has been one of his favourite experiences to date.


In his spare time, Carl enjoys letting off some steam by DJing on his weekend getaways, which he claims enhances his creativity and gives him clarity.

Email carl.johnson@bunniktours.com.au

Maria Sciarrone, Travel Consultant


Maria, Maria ... known for her mum’s mouth-watering lasagna that excites the retail department! Maria too has a passion for cooking, as well as travelling. Late last year she went on a 4 ½ month journey around the world to extend the ever-growing list of countries she has travelled to. All up, Maria has travelled to over 137 cities in 30 countries. Now that’s a lot of frequent-flyer points!
Before starting at Bunnik Tours, Maria was self-employed for 12 years as a Family Day Care Provider working with children from birth to 5 years, full time. Before this, she worked in a number of child care centres and was a nanny part-time. I think Maria knows a thing or two about kids!

Maria speaks Italian and hopes to one day own a boutique café serving delicious Italian sweets and fabulous coffees from around the world.  She is addicted to Survivor and the Amazing Race – no one is allowed to interrupt her when these shows are on!

Email maria.sciarrone@bunniktours.com.au

Nick Lowes, Travel Consultant


Nick joined the Bunnik Tours team in 2015 after spending several years with Jetset. Although having travelled to South America, parts of Asia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and extensively through the USA & Canada, Nick’s adventures to date have barely scratched the surface of his continuously growing ‘travel wishlist’.

Aside from travel, Nick also enjoys playing and watching all kinds of sports - in particular soccer, golf and ice hockey. Nick’s other passions include cooking, watching movies, and spending time with friends and family.

Email nick.lowes@bunniktours.com.au

Nicole Osborne, Travel Consultant

Nicole - Profile

Nicole’s love of travel started when she finished high school and took a coach tour through Europe followed by a Greek Island Cruise and then time with family in Italy. She came back to Australia and change her study over to a Diploma of Tourism at Tafe SA and hasn’t looked back. Nicole married husband Ben in 2013 and they are constantly travelling together. Trips away include, England (were Ben is from), Hawaii, Pacific Islands, Airlie Beach, Perth and just recently taking a Motorhome round New Zealand.

On weekends Nicole is a Netball Umpire for PHOS Camden and recently been elected on the Committee as the Assistant Umpire Co-ordinator. She has been Umpiring for 11 years and playing Netball since she was 7. Nicole is sport mad, following great teams such as, Port Adelaide, Liverpool FC, Melbourne Victory and Adelaide Thunderbirds. She is a bit of a rev head too, going every year to the Clipsal 500 to cheer on the Holden Racing Team.

After specialising in New Zealand for a number of years Nicole is very keen to broaden her horizons and hopes to see more of Asia.

Email nicole.osborne@bunniktours.com.au

Troy Moore, Travel Consultant


Troy’s passion for travel started at the age of 16. He spends most of his weekends out trekking, hiking or camping up on the hills in Sri Lanka. Having obtained a drone pilot license, he’s started travel photography, exploring new destinations that are still untouched by commercialisation. He has travelled to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Bangladesh and Indonesia, but his bucket list is still brimming with destinations such as the Norwegian Fjords, Bora Bora in French Polynesia, Victoria Falls in Zambia, the Northern Lights in Iceland and Torres Del Paine Patagonia in Chile.

When he’s not working or travelling, Troy enjoys spending time around motorsports, attending drag races and car meets.

Email troy.moore@bunniktours.com.au

Rebel JenkinsTravel Consultant


Having worked in the travel industry for 16 years, Rebel has certainly had some unique experiences around the world. Her favourite places include Essaouira in Morocco and the beautiful island of Hydra in Greece, but she has also spent 15 days trekking through Nepal, 6 months travelling around Europe in a combi van with her partner (you know it’s love when you’re still together at the end of that kind of experience), fasted for 7 days in Thailand and gone scuba diving in the Maldives. Still on her bucket list are Colombia and Belize.

When she’s not at work or travelling, Rebel enjoys spending time with her 9 year old boy and husband (an expat Kiwi, which can cause some tension around Bledisloe Cup time). Good wine, food and great beaches are some of her very favourite things.

Email rebel.jenkins@bunniktours.com.au

Katherine Harris, Travel Consultant


Katherine comes to us having worked in travel for the past 6 years. She lived in the UK for 2 years before that and found a true passion for the industry. Katherine’s favourite place is Jordan where she trekked through Petra and camped under the stars in Wadi Rum. She also loves snowboarding and has carved up the snow in Canada, Australia and, more recently, New Zealand.

On the weekends she loves exploring the outdoors with her partner Kevin, going to the wineries, relaxing at the beach, spending time with family, cheering on the mighty Crows and cooking.

Email katherine.harris@bunniktours.com.au

Karin Jones, Travel Consultant


Karin has just returned to Bunnik (where she started back in 2001!) after having her two beautiful children, Avalon and Casper. Karin is another original Dutchy here and has travelled to 49 countries – she’s eager to tick off that 50th one. Of all these places, her favourite destination would have to be Antarctica, where her husband Andrew proposed to her. Also high on the list are Norway and the Trans-Siberian train journey.

When she’s not travelling or at work she loves making (and decorating) cupcakes, going to the beach, walking through the national park on weekends and socialising.

Email karin.jones@bunniktours.com.au

Natalie Brierly, Travel Consultant


Natalie was fortunate enough to start travelling at a young age with her parents, which is where her love for travel started. She’s done a bit of everything, makeup, photography, even started but never finished a law degree – but has always come back to travel! Her travel adventures range from sleeping in a floating raft house on the river Kwai with nothing but a lantern for light, to dining in Namedy Castle with a real-life princess. To date, Natalie has visited 20 countries and her favourites include France, Switzerland, Singapore (seriously), Thailand and the US. She loves the cultural diversity, food, art and people that travel offers.

Interestingly, while she has a French background (her mum and grandmother are both French teachers ) – she doesn’t speak a word! In her spare time, Natalie enjoys cooking, painting, drawing, photography, the beach, movies, and spending time with her partner Callum, dog Kaipo along with family and friends.

Email natalie.brierly@bunniktours.com.au

Sacha Barker, Travel Consultant


Sacha joins the Bunnik Team with 5 years’ experience in the industry and several years’ experience in travel. Her first taste of travel was at the early age of 13 when she travelled to China with her father. After experiencing the amazing sights and smells of this colourful country she has never looked back. She’s since had the pleasure of experiencing over 45 countries. Sacha’s adventures have included travelling to Europe where she lived and worked in Copenhagen, South East Asia, South Pacific, Central America, South America and most recently Antarctica. One of her most memorable moments here was taking a leap of faith into the freezing waters of Antarctica straight off the ship! She was welcomed back onboard with warm towel and a nip to warm the body.

Over the years, Sacha has developed a strong passion for the diverse food, colourful cultures and amazing people who make her travelling experiences so memorable. Aside from travel she enjoys taking her dog for walks with fiancé Peter, spending time with friends and family, cooking and swimming at the beach.

Email sacha.barker@bunniktours.com.au

Claire Owen, Travel Consultant


Claire’s love of travel began at an early age from hearing her dad and uncle recite their awesome travel stories. Knowing that she wanted to work in the tourism industry, she pursued her passion right through to university!

So far, Claire has travelled around Sri Lanka and is excited to be travelling to Vietnam and Cambodia soon. Her bucket list is overflowing, but Greece, China, South Korea, Switzerland, Norway, South Africa, Argentina and the Galapagos Islands are right at the top.

Apart from travel, she has a real passion for dance, art, music and sports such as basketball, netball, swimming and tennis. She loves spending her weekends going on road trips, practicing her vocals and dance moves, trying new cuisines, and spending time with family. To relax, she likes nothing more than to grab her sketch book and start drawing while listening to her favourite playlist.

Email claire.owen@bunniktours.com.au

Ashleigh Jackson, Travel Consultant


Ash comes to Bunnik Tours with 6 years’ experience in the Travel Industry and many years spending all her savings on personal Travel!

Her love of Travel was encouraged by family from a young age and Ash was already planning her future adventures while studying Tourism, History and Languages. Over the years, she worked through her bucket list visiting 30 countries on 4 continents by the age of 25. Her favourites include Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Russia, China, Mongolia, Japan, Canada, the USA, the UK, Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Greece and Spain. Next up is Africa, South American and Antarctica!

When Ash isn’t planning travel or away on trip, she enjoys watching sport and playing competition tennis. She also loves creating; painting, sewing and restoring furniture etc. Ash enjoys spare time with her friends, music concerts, dining out - and looking for the best smashed avocado!

Email ashleigh.jackson@bunniktours.com.au

Donna Hopko, Travel Consultant


Growing up in an airline family, Donna can’t remember a time she was not bitten with the travel bug. She’ been working in the travel industry for over 20 years now and her passion for travel has not waned! After working for airlines and in retail consultancy roles, Donna joined Bunnik Tours in 2017 bringing with her a wealth of knowledge.

Donna has travelled extensively, her most recent trip being to Antarctica and South America. The raw beauty that Antarctica offered, together with experiencing the wildlife in their natural habitat, is something she looks forward to doing again. She’s been to North America too many times to count,  visiting Disneyland because it truly is ‘the happiest place on earth’. Turkey was also a highlight having been there for the 100th Anzac Anniversary in 2015 and Hot Air ballooning over Cappadocia. She has also travelled throughout Asia and Europe.

She enjoys camping and getting off the grid when she can. Most weekends she can be found in the Adelaide Hills with her horses or at home with the family. Good wine, spicy food & laughing with friends get her through this thing we call life. Her bucket list grows daily. Her next big plan is to visit Galapagos and Peru with her Antarctic travel buddies!

Email donna.hopko@bunniktours.com.au

Rhiann McQueen, Travel Consultant


Rhiann’s first overseas holiday was at the age of 21 where she headed on a Round the World adventure visiting USA, UK, Europe and Dubai. From that trip she has truly caught the travel bug and has been planning holidays as often as possible, with trips to India, Europe, Fiji, Bali, New Zealand and Singapore in the last few years.She's a little bit adventurous when she is travelling and loves to give anything a go once. She has quite a list going, anything from skydiving to white water rafting or hot air ballooning. 

Rhiann enjoys getting out of the city to visit her sister’s farm in the Adelaide Hills or going away camping around South Australia when she has some free time. She also loves having a laugh with family and friends over a good meal and a glass of wine, if there is trivia involved that is always a bonus!

Email rhiann.mcqueen@bunniktours.com.au

Owen Cornish, Travel Consultant


Owen, one of the newest members of the Bunnik Tours team, has joined with 4 years’ experience as a retail travel consultant. He originally hails from Canada, but in 2006 he decided it was time to travel the world. He got on a one way flight to England with one night booked at Manchester hostel and no bigger plans than “lets see where this takes me.” Eight years later he found himself in Australia with 30+ countries under his belt, having lived in London, Berlin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Inverness. Some of his highlights include working as a walking tour guide in Edinburgh, couch surfing in Berlin, and backpacking through Vietnam.

Owen has a love for good food, wine and beer. In his spare time he enjoys watching movies, footy and good dramas on TV or reading a good book.

Email owen.cornish@bunniktours.com.au

Mattia Centofanti, Travel Consultant

Mattia profile pic

Mattia is a new member of the Bunnik Tours Team, but not new to travel. She has been lucky enough to travel in the most exotic locations such as Middle East. Oman – Muscat is one her most favourite cities with having spent over 4 weeks in a country filled with rich culture, she believes it’s a country worth visiting.

Her favourite travel quote is; ‘Where to next?’. When she’s not planning travel or travelling, then she has either gone fishing down the Yorke Peninsula or hanging out with family and friends. She has a passion for anything aviation, sport, music – and is always on the search for the best parmigiana in town. Her future endeavours are to continue visiting different cities, countries and meeting new people along the way.

Email mattia.centofanti@bunniktours.com.au

Kate Williams, Travel Consultant


Kate joined Bunnik Tours in July 2017, but her passion for travel and tourism started at a young age and she’s been chasing her dream ever since. So far, she’s ticked a few countries off her bucket list, travelling all throughout Sri Lanka, Bali and Australia. She’s set her sights on Italy as her next travel destination.

Before joining Bunnik Tours Sri Lanka, Kate worked as a writer for two years, which is something she still loves to do in her spare time. On top of writing, she loves swimming, singing, and spending time with her family and friends.

Email kate.williams@bunniktours.com.au

Kelly Whitelaw, Travel Consultant (Currently on maternity leave)


Kelly has been working in travel since 2004, firstly as a Retail Travel Consultant before making the move to join the Bunnik Tours in 2008. Whilst being at Bunnik Tours she has worked in the Reservations and Operations departments but has spent most of her time in the Product Department.

Kelly’s first time overseas was a whirlwind 20 day Contiki Tour around Europe along with a few days in England and Ireland back in 2002. Over the years, she has been lucky enough to travel to Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Thailand and New Zealand with her job. You have to love the travel industry for its perks! Kelly has also been to Egypt and Vietnam and Cambodia with Bunnik Tours.

As a teenager, Kelly loved playing netball and would love to get back into it, as soon as she finds time in between setting up a new home and travelling the world. Kelly is a sucker for a good tv drama and her favourite shows are Offspring, Glee and Trueblood. In her spare time Kelly loves spending quality time with her family and friends.

Emily Warner, Travel Consultant (Currently on maternity leave)


Emily has recently joined Bunnik Tours with 14 years experience in the travel industry. Over the years she has travelled to Europe, Asia, USA, South Pacific and the Middle East. Emily’s favourite destination is Japan which she has visited three times ..she loves the food, especially gyoza! Next on the bucket list is to take her Mum to Paris, which they have been talking about for years.
At home Emily and her partner Paul have a very cheeky Pugalier dog Ollie, who demands all of their attention. When she has spare time, she likes to go to lunch and movies with friends and catch up on her favourite TV shows.


Operations Team

Chloe Marshman, Operations Team Leader (currently on maternity leave)


Born and bred in the U.K, Chloe arrived in Australia in 2005. Having extensively travelled whilst growing up (thanks to her parents!), Chloe has had travel in her blood since a young age and still visits various destinations each year. Her favourite spot is the beautiful island of Santorini, Greece, which she has visited a couple of times to soak up the wonderful sun, sea and Greek salads!

Part of the Bunnik Tours family since February 2008, Chloe has been lucky enough to visit some of the company’s most popular destinations such as Egypt, Sri Lanka, South America, Croatia and Vietnam & Cambodia.
Aside from her travel goals, Chloe has recently smashed a lifelong goal by purchasing her first home.

Although most of her spare time will now be spent with a paintbrush in hand, she still has her sights set on Christmas in New York, New Year’s eve in Las Vegas, and the US destinations of Pennsylvania and Chicago on her mind!

Abbie Leggat, Operations Coordinator


Abbie has a Bachelor of International Tourism from Flinders University. She lived in Thailand for 3 years working in schools teaching swimming and ESL to primary kids, while studying at Thammasat University in Bangkok.  During her time there she travelled all through Asia – her favourite place in Asia is Kho Samet in Thailand! Abbie then moved to Stratford Upon Avon in the UK and lived and worked there for 2 years, travelling through Europe and USA and working on the islands of Hvar and Korcula off the coast of Croatia. Her favourite place in Europe is Croatia and San Sebastian in Spain! Two years ago Abbie moved back to Australia and lived in Melbourne where she worked at Intrepid Travel and Escape Travel.

Abbie joined the Bunnik Tours Team in June of 2012, and having recently returned from a Cairo to Zanzibar Bunnik Tour, now has her sights set on swimming with Great Whites in Port Lincoln and South America for the World Cup in 2014. Abbie loves playing netball, expensive red wine, doing personal training, boot camps with her colleague Chloe, Italian food - and will one day love to have a blue staffy puppy called Winston.

Kristi Rutten, Operations Coordinator


Kristi is affectionately known as the yo-yo here at Bunnik Tours! She started with us in 2003, working in the retail department before leaving to take almost 2 years off to backpack around Europe with her partner. She married while travelling in one of the most romantic places – Positano, Italy!

She returned shortly after and worked for a while in the new “Bunnik Tours” division. However it wasn’t long before the birth of her son Zach which meant leaving for the second time. She returned again and continued working within our Operations Department and was just getting into the swing of things when her daughter Teagan came along.

We're pleased to say Kristi is now back, working part-time and being a full-time mum! Kristi's done plenty of travelling over the years but there's still plenty of places on her bucket list. She plans to visit Italy for her 10-year wedding anniversary in 2015 and hopes to pass on her passion for travel to her children!

Erin Clifford, Operations Coordinator


After 13 years working in finance, Erin left that all behind to follow her passion for travel!  She completed her Certificate III in Tourism in 2011 and gained valuable retail consulting skills working in the industry before joining our family. Europe is very close to her heart after living in Hamburg, Germany for 2 months on a student exchange, when she was just 15 years old.

Her love of travel has seen her visit Italy, Spain, Monaco, France, Austria, the Vatican City, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, England, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the United States and cruised the South Pacific twice! Erin's favourite destination would have to be the magnificent Swiss Alps, but the buildings of Barcelona run a close second!

With her two beautiful young children, their recent holidays have been a little closer to home, but she can't wait to take a them to Canada when they are a bit older, to visit their extended family.

David Reed, Operations Coordinator

David Reed Profile

David comes to Bunnik Tours having worked in the travel industry for over 30 years in Corporate Travel Management and Leisure Sales.  (He started before computers were part of the booking process!)  David has travelled to many places around the world – including Asia, New Zealand, South America, Southern Africa, the UK, but especially in Canada and USA.  Europe is a destination he has seen little of, with Scandinavia and Iceland high on his list of places to visit.

His favourite cities include (in no particular order!) Vancouver, Singapore, San Francisco, and Buenos Aires.   Melbourne is his favourite Australian city (apart from his home town of Adelaide, of course!)  His favourite 'big trip' holiday was a 5 week trip to South America (Rio de Janiero, Iguassu Falls and Buenos Aires) and South Africa, driving the Garden Route from Capetown to Johannesburg, and then up to Victoria Falls and Chobe National Park in Botswana.  (Coming home with sunstroke was not his favourite part though!)

During his 13 years in various leadership roles within Apex Clubs of Australia, he attended and represented the organization at numerous global conferences, including Quebec City, Harare, Panama City, Madras (Chennai), Mombasa, Venice, Cancun, Sun City (South Africa), NZ & the UK, and then brought the global conference to Adelaide in 2000.

Whilst he enjoys all standards of accommodation when travelling - from organized camping tours to independent 5 star hotel stays, his partner's idea of camping is a 3 star hotel! 

David’s partner has his own Stress Management business, and both are qualified Breathwork practitioners.  They visit the USA regularly to catch up with his partner's family in Seattle and Birmingham, Alabama, (and do some Outlet shopping!) but also like to see something new each trip.  Chicago is their most transited city in the USA that has never been visited - so maybe next time!  (Put the kettle on, Oprah!)

Kaya Russell, Operations Coordinator


Kaya joined the Bunnik team at the beginning of 2016. Fresh off the plane after two and a half years living in Canada where she spent six months living and working at a remote wilderness lodge in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest where she took a sea plane to work, saw grizzlies nearly every day and once saw an humpback whale from right outside her bedroom! The following two years were spent in beautiful Banff working as a Vacation Planner and helping people from all around the world plan their once in a life time bucket list holidays to Canada. She loved all the things that came along with living in the mountains - hiking, white water rafting, attempting to snowboard, ice-skating, dogsledding, seeing the northern lights, walking to work in the snow (just not when it was -30 degrees!) and eating poutine.

Prior to moving to Canada Kaya completed her Certificate III in Travel and Tourism and worked as an International Travel Consultant at Jetset Travel Norwood. Kaya's travels have taken her to a number of places including the USA where she travelled from the East coast right across to the West visiting lots of big cities and national parks along the way, backpacking around Europe and several trips to South East Asia to explore Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Bali & Hong Kong. Next on her list is a quick trip to New Zealand and India for Holi Festival!

When she is not working or travelling Kaya enjoys reading books and watching movies about travelling, attending music festivals, seeing live music, watching cooking shows and baking.

Pamela Frisari, Operations Coordinator


Pamela got her start in the Travel Industry 7 years ago whilst living in New Zealand. During her time in New Zealand she got to travel the country extensively and knows it better than Australia! But after a 5 year stint across the ditch, Pam and her (now) husband decided to make the move home to Adelaide to be close to their family and friends.

Pam got the travel bug very early on in life when she was lucky enough to travel to the USA and visit Disneyland in LA, and Disney World in Florida with her parents and older sister, and then head on to Chile to visit their family. Since then, she has been back to Chile and Argentina numerous times and has such fond memories of these holidays, she hopes to one day take her own family on a similar trip. Pam has travelled to stunning places like Thailand and most recently with her husband, they took an extended Honeymoon to Europe and visited Dubai, Spain, France (and Disneyland Paris, of course!), Switzerland and travelled like a local extensively through Italy with the help of her husband's family (where they ate and drank too much!).

She still has a bucket list of place she would like to visit – Canada, Egypt, Japan, New York.. the list could go on and on!

Carly De Blasio, Operations Coordinator


Carly’s love of travel sparked at the of age 16 when her best friend moved to New Zealand which encouraged her first solo overseas trip. She has since been back 7 times to both islands, with more trips planned. She’s also enjoyed periodic volunteer work in Cambodia since 2010 supporting her two sponsor children there – now aged 13.  In 2012/13 she spent three months in Phnom Penh with her sponsor children, helping at the local orphanages and with various Christmas programs.

Carly spent 2014 in the Rocky Mountains Canada, working at a gift shop on the main street, and spending all her free days exploring and travelling the local area.  She also found time to extensively travel throughout Canada, USA, Mexico and the Caribbean stopping in Fiji to recover on her way back home to Australia. She has visited Europe twice and absolutely lives for European Cuisine and sun! Next on her bucket list is South America, followed closely by Africa.

In her spare time she loves visiting the beach, or heading up the river with her family.

Emily Fraser, Operations Coordinator


With a passion for travel and ambitions to see every continent of the world, Emily doesn't think her job can get much better. Emily has travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia - ticking England, France, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong off the list. She has also spent quite a bit of time in North America, visiting San Francisco, the Napa Valley, Yosemite and Chicago, spending Christmas and New Years Eve in New York and, of course, experiencing the amazing food and music of New Orleans. 

Having recently returned from a winter in Lapland, her favourite travel experiences include witnessing the Northern Lights, dogsledding, whale watching and snowmobiling in Finland, Sweden and Norway, celebrating New Year’s Eve in a snowstorm in New York, and watching the sunrise from the top of active volcano, Mt Batur, in Bali. She was also lucky enough to explore Peru and Ecuador in South America last year and the colour, culture and friendly 'holas' stole her heart. Her most recent trip was to incredible Costa Rica, an ultimate bucket-list destination for the wildlife and nature geek that she is. As an animal-lover, next on her list is definitely Africa but she is also dreaming of an adventure through Bolivia and Chile, as well as a trek through Nepal to Everest Base Camp.

Emily loves nothing more than dogs, a good laugh, haighs freckles and bad puns. When she’s not at work, she enjoys hanging out with her big German Shepherd puppy Samson, spending time outdoors, wining and dining - particularly Mexican, and keeping fit.


Product Team

Jeremy van Heerde, Product Coordinator - Africa 


Jeremy's been with us for many years now. He joined Bunnik Tours after returning from America where he spent several years working in the travel industry, basing himself on the East Coast in Philadelphia and New York. His favourite highlight would be celebrating New Year’s Eve in New York which needs to be part of everyone’s bucket list to experience at least once!

From Croatia to Costa Rica, Jeremy is always up for a new adventure. Recent travels have taken him to the southern regions of Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia and Botswana - developing a real taste for the African continent. Next on his wish list is East Africa to view the game on the Mara and in the Serengeti!

Craig McBey, Product Coordinator Asia


After 9 years with the Australian Navy, Craig commenced his tourism career in Los Angeles in the late 80’s. Having met his wife in Los Angeles during his travels in the service, they lived in L.A. for a further 10 years with two children, now adults. His 20 years travel industry experience includes 9 years with a large Inbound Tour Operator in L.A before moving back to Adelaide in 1996. A 5 year stint with Venture Holidays as their Inbound Product Manager followed before leaving the industry for a few years to pursue other interests.  

It was in 2010 an opportunity arose at Bunnik Tours in the product department and Craig eagerly accepted the position where he has been since. His favourite past-time is spending time in the wine regions with his wife, Evelyn, and travelling with the family, while catching up with ex-service mates being a close second.  Favorite destinations include Vietnam, New England, Hawaii and whenever back in California he makes a point to spend time in Carmel, along the Pacific Coast on the Monterey Peninsula. The unofficial president of the lads committee at work, Craig organises lunches every month where the facts or truth do not get in the way of a good story and many laughs are had.

Silvia Schweininger, Product Coordinator - Special Projects


Originally from Germany Silvia has lived in many places in her 15 years in Australia, only to come back to Adelaide for the third time and hopefully for good !

Silvia has worked in many different areas of the tourism industry. The recent return to outbound travel has brought back the travel bug with her latest trips taking her to the US, Canada, Vietnam & Cambodia. Her not so recent travels have included Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bali, Lombok, Java, Italy, London, Mediterranean, Switzerland along with previous visits to the US and Vietnam.

She is a ‘serial participant’ in Long-Distance triathlons, and seeks out any crazy endurance event to take part in. Really, it is only an excuse to eat as much chocolate as she does!

James Atwell, Product Coordinator South & Central America 


James is a qualified senior school teacher and spent time in London teaching before his itchy feet got the better of him and he found himself working as a tour leader in Central America. On his return to London he continued working in the travel industry before a long journey back to Australia via 21 different countries where he also became engaged to his partner in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Back in Adelaide James has enjoyed working as a senior travel consultant with trips to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Indochina, Botswana, Ethiopia, Mexico, the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica to name a few.

The arrival of James’s son in 2010 did not slow down the urge to travel and he has been on family holidays to Mexico, Belize and the US as well as England, Scotland and Singapore. As a qualified cave diver, James has travelled the world to satisfy his passion and has dived in many exotics locations such as Fiji, Vanuatu, Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Kenya, Turkey & New Zealand. He also enjoys diving closer to home in the amazingly beautiful caves and sinkholes around Mount Gambier.

Priscilla Aster, Product Coordinator - Europe


Priscilla is a new addition to the operations team. With 12 years in administration and love for all things travel, she’s ready for a new challenge.

She caught the travel bug at 16 and since then she hasn’t stopped, visiting Europe too many times to count, exploring Thailand and Bali with friends and living in the English countryside for the past few years.

Priscilla’s main drive for travel is her love for culture, experiencing the country and everything it has to offer. This has brought her to places like Morocco where she camped under the stars in the Sahara desert, the colourful markets of Peru, running from gigantic spiders in the Amazon Jungle and trekking the Inca trail for a gruelling 4 days to reach Machu Picchu.

If you ask her where her favourite place has been so far, she’ll tell you it's Iceland. Climbing behind waterfalls and up glaciers, driving to what felt like the edge of the world and the biggest highlight, being able to witness the most magnificent lightshow of the Northern Lights.

Don’t let her appearance fool you though, she’s has a background in kick-boxing and regularly takes part in bootcamps. When the boxing gloves are off, you can find her out with her friends or taking her beloved fur-baby, Harry, for a walk along the beach.

Matthew Baldock, Product Coordinator - Middle East & Special Projects


Matt joins the Bunnik team after some extensive travels! He lived and studied Spanish in Buenos Aires for a month before travelling through South America for a further 9 months. He also enjoyed two years in Canada spending time in Vancouver and Nelson in the Rockies. Matt loves the outdoors and has visited most of the national parks in the western US, hiked in Alaska and enjoyed a cruise on the inside passage with Holland America. He spent 3 months around Asia via Tahiti, exploring Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos.

Matt comes to Bunnik with experience as a tour guide in Tasmania and Kakadu, time with Flight Centre and has a bachelor of International Tourism from Flinders University. He lives with his girlfriend Catherine and enjoys playing AFL up in the Hills!


Marketing Team

Catherine Kelly, Marketing Manager

Cat Kelly

Catherine joined the marketing team in 2009 having spent several years in the busy world of retail marketing. Things haven’t slowed up here, it’s just a lot more fun. Cat has a love of architecture, food, literature, music and dogs. All of which are fed and inspired by the many places we visit (well, maybe not the dogs!). The current dream destination? Japan. Tokyo Disney, tech gadgets and serenity at some of Kyoto’s beautiful temples. That’s the plan.

Cat has travelled to the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore and Vietnam. In 2012 she was lucky enough to spend 12 weeks living on the shores of Lake Geneva. Immersing herself in all things Swiss-French, she cycled to the nearby villages for her baguettes, swam in the crystal clear but freezing waters of the lake, and rode the Golden Pass (one of the world’s most magnificent train rides) to the Swiss Alps. Her French is still pretty rubbish though!

Tim Goodfellow, Marketing Coordinator


Tim loves all things Japan, spending years studying Japanese at university on top of his main degree. For six months he lived in Nisshin-shi, a small town just outside of Japan’s fourth biggest city, Nagoya. If he wasn’t studying and eating all the food, he was travelling … and still eating all the food. A self-confessed Studio Ghibli nerd, a visit to the Studio Ghibli museum in Mitaka, just outside of Tokyo, was compulsory. Other highlights of his trip included visits to Inuyama, Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Sakae and Ise, visiting all the usual (and some unusual) tourist spots along the way.

Growing up in a culinarily adventurous household, it would be a lie if Tim said his main motivation for travel wasn’t cuisine based. Now that he has conquered authentic sushi, udon, sashimi, yakitori, okonomiyaki, takoyaki and more in Japan, he is keen to eat his way through South Korea, with bibimbap, kim chi, galbi, bulgogi and hotteok all on the menu.

For the last six years, Tim has worked in higher education and has caught the study bug. In his spare time, you’re likely to find him studying his master’s degree (surrounded by all his favourite Japanese snacks of course!), listening to music, reading a book or drinking one of the local small batch gins with friends. Being new to the tourism industry, Tim fully expects to be bitten by that bug, too—and he can’t wait!

Aleisha Treloar, Marketing Coordinator


Aleisha joined the Bunnik team in early 2018. Coming from a diverse background of hospitality, higher education and tyre retail industries, Aleisha brings a broad range of marketing skills that she is excited to bring to the dynamic industry that is Tourism.

Aleisha’s last overseas trip was to Fiji, where she mastered basket weaving, drinking coconuts and laying by the pool. Aleisha is a dual citizen of Britain and has family in South Africa, England and America, giving her a great excuse to do more travel and some places to stay while doing so! Hoping to one-day visit Spain, Aleisha also studied Spanish but she admits she could probably do with a few more classes.

Aleisha has a love for food. She enjoys cooking classes, experimenting with different dishes and is proud to have mastered the Spanish donut otherwise known as a Churro.

When she is not at work she can be found hanging out at the beach with her cheeky pug Sir Charles Barkley, keeping fit, or reciting quotes from her favourite comedies.

Mirza Ariadi, Graphic Designer


Originally from Jakarta in Indonesia, Mirza moved to Australia after completing high school, in 1999. He has completed various courses at university including Tourism and Hospitality Management, Photography and Visual Communication. He joined Bunnik Tours in February 2008 as our in-house Graphic Designer and Marketing Assistant – you should see what he can do with Photoshop! Mirza loves soccer, outdoor more than indoor, although he does well in both. He’s been playing for PAOC in the Collegiate League for 2 years and has won 2 trophies to date. He is also a Bunnik Tours foosball fanatic however he recently lost in a final against Sacha and Leon.

Mirza recently returned to Indonesia for a 6 week holiday in 2011 touring East Java and Bali. One of the highlights of his trip (besides being with his family of course!) was climbing up to Kawah Ijen. It’s a 20 km walk on a slope but it was worth every step. In 2012 Mirza made another trip back home to Indonesia for what is fast becoming his annual holiday!



Cathy Waymark , Accounts Officer


Cathy joins the Bunnik family with twenty years experience working in accounts. She loves maths, figures and working things out!

She also enjoys relaxing and spending time with her teenage son, loves to be outdoors in summer exploring and discovering new walking trails - and hibernates in winter watching movies or reading a good mystery novel.

Travel highlights include a 4 x wheel drive and caravan adventure with her son, taking a year-long road trip through eastern Australia. During this time she home-schooled her son and reckons he learnt more that year (in the great outdoors) than with his head in a book! Cathy particularly enjoyed travelling through the scenic mountain ranges and forests of NSW and Victoria and visiting the spectacular Whitsunday Islands in Northern Queensland. It was one of the most liberating experiences of her life. Next on Cathy's bucketlist is a Bunnik Tour to Cambodia and Myanmar!


Customer Care

Julie Moran-Bunnik, Manager Customer Care


As you can see from my name I married into the Bunnik family (Dennis) in 1997. After having our two boys, and having previously worked in a similar role for 8 years, I joined Bunnik Tours in 2010.

Our first family holiday was to Egypt and since that time we have visited Sri Lanka, Europe, India, Canada, USA, Vietnam and Cambodia. I would actually love to see more of Australia however getting this past my husband is proving to be rather difficult! Two years ago we became dog owners and now have two black cavoodles that have way too much say in how we spend our time – and we love it. (Don’t let Dennis tell you otherwise!).


Inbound Travel

Yoshie Furusawa, Inbound Manager


Yoshie is one of Bunnik Tours longest serving employees. Originally from Japan, she grew up with her family in Tokyo. Yoshie moved to Australia  in 1997 to start a new adventure.  She still, to this day, doesn’t know why she picked Adelaide, but we’re very happy she did! Yoshie soon discovered wine (as you do in Adelaide) and an eccentric man, David. She soon began a Wine Marketing course at Adelaide University and later married David.
Yoshie has tried many things since she was a child but she feels she is the happiest in the tourism industry, after all, she has had 25 years’ experience now! She joined the Bunnik team in 2001 to bring overseas tourists and sporting groups to Australia. One day, Yoshie wants to become a private detective. She is rides her bicycle into the office everyday to check up on her neighbourhood, as well as to keep fit. She also loves to help the community and environment, donating her time to plant trees, being a committee of the Japan Australia business council, art directing and keeping a tidy market stall on weekends. Yoshie would not go on holiday without her Alpaca beanie which keeps her head warm even while sleeping in tropical countries! 


Systems Development

David Hein, Systems Coordinator


David's a self-confessed gadget freak. When he's not controlling his home from an iPhone, printing weird & wonderful designs with a 3-D printer, he'll be checking on the family cats with Kitty-Cam. Although sometimes paid out by his better half for this zany gadget addiction, the home gizmos finally paid off one holiday when a security camera revealed their cat accidentally locked inside the house without food & water. One 800km drive back home & hungry cat later, they finally returned to celebrate Christmas Day with family.

Over the years David has dabbled in Community Radio, volunteer work for Rotaract, Photography, and most recently Astronomy with a humongous telescope taller than him! He also loves travelling the globe with his partner Marion. To date they have visited around 30 countries including all 7 continents (Antarctica their most recent), but there's still plenty on the wish list!. In fact his first meeting with Sacha Bunnik over 10 years ago left a lasting impression. Several years, continents & Bunnik Tours later, David couldn't resist the lure of system-based challenges. With a keen interest in gadgetry, IT and decades of experience working in specialist marketing roles for high growth companies, he loves a challenge and also enjoys buzzing team mates with his radio control Helicopter.

Carl discovered his passion for travel when he took his first memorable steps into the travel industry in 2010 and hasn't looked back since. With extensive experience in the airline industry, he considers himself an adventurer and explorer at heart—and his never-ending bucket list is a testament to that! His passion for travel is fuelled by history, monuments and nature, so it’s no surprise that Japan, Egypt, Peru, Brazil, Italy and Rwanda are at the top of his list right now.

Carl loves getting out and exploring Sri Lanka. Climbing and exploring Sigiriya, the ancient rock fortress near Dambulla popularly known to locals as the 'eighth wonder of the world', has been one of his favourite experiences to date.

In his spare time, Carl enjoys letting off some steam by DJing on his weekend getaways, which he claims enhances his creativity and gives him clarity.