Egypt and the Middle East holds a special place in our hearts; between Dennis, Sacha and Marion, they’ve visited the region more than 100 times. From the must-see ancient monuments of Egypt, including the awe-inducing Abu Simbel, sleeping under the stars in a Bedouin-style desert camp, to floating in Jordan's Dead Sea, we include all this and more on our Egypt & Middle East tours. Book a small group tour online or speak to one of our friendly Travel Specialists about your next adventure.

The Egypt Experts

For many people, visiting Egypt is the fulfilment of a lifelong dream. So it's important that your Egypt experience is the best it can be. And the only way to ensure that is to travel with an Egypt expert.

Unique Local Experiences

Be immersed in the local culture with experiences like visiting breathtaking, ancient tombs, discovering the Dana Biosphere Reserve and taking a hands-on cooking class.

Accommodation with character

From a Bedouin-style camp in Wadi Rum to staying aboard a cruise ship on the Nile, our tours include character accommodation that the big tour companies simply can’t.

Extensive Sightseeing

As the experts, we know the best sights of this magical region. Visit the spectacular twin temples of Abu Simbel, swim in the salt-drenched waters of the Dead Sea and cruise the historic Nile.

Small Group Tours

Egyptian Discovery

Immerse yourself in a time of great wealth and power, of magnificent temples, elaborate ceremonies and incredible pyramids.

Airfares included

Days 16
From (Per person / Twin share) $10,595

Egypt In-Style

Embark on a five-star journey through age-old Egypt, discovering the hidden treasures of this fascinating country.

Airfares included

Days 13
From (Per person / Twin share) $13,595

Egypt & Jordan Discovery

Take an in-depth journey back in time to the ageless and ancient worlds of Egypt & Jordan.

Airfares included

Days 24
From (Per person / Twin share) $14,795

Egypt & Jordan In-Style

Set off on an opulent five-star journey through the Egypt and Jordan, uncovering ancient treasures with every turn.

Airfares included

Days 21
From (Per person / Twin share) $19,995

Highlights of Egypt

Experience the historical and architectural wonders of Ancient Egypt. See the magnificent Great Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, and the treasures of Tutankhamun.

Airfares included

Days 12
From (Per person / Twin share) $9,195

Highlights of Egypt & Jordan

Discover the iconic age-old wonders and mesmerising history of Egypt and Jordan.

Airfares included

Days 19
From (Per person / Twin share) $13,395

Independent Travel

Discover Oman

Discover another side of the Middle East on this amazing adventure through spectacular Oman.

Days 7
From (Per person / Twin share) $3,935

Jewels of Jordan

Jordan is full of treasures just waiting to be explored. Discover the incredible Lost City of Petra and marvel at the wonders of the ancient Nabataean civilisation, and head into the desert to camp overnight in breathtaking Wadi Rum. Explore ancient Roman ruins and float in the Dead Sea.

Days 9
From (Per person / Twin share) $3,685


A Glimpse of Petra

Discover the Lost City of Petra!

Days 4
From (Per person / Twin share) $1,445


Founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC, Alexandria thrived as the capital of Greco-Roman Egypt and is now the second-largest city in Egypt.

Days 2
From (Per person / Twin share) $1,085

Alexandria & El Alamein

Alexandria is the second-largest city in Egypt, otherwise known as the "Pearl of the Mediterranean", and has an atmosphere more Mediterranean than Middle Eastern.

Days 3
From (Per person / Twin share) $1,645

Egypt & Middle East Destinations


Marvel at the Great Sphinx & Pyramid of Giza, Delve into the local lifestyle, culture, customs and explore bustling Cairo.


Float in the salt-drenched Dead Sea, discover the Lost City of Petra, enjoy a BBQ lunch in the heart of the Wadi Rum desert & wander through Amman.


Go bargain hunting in the Muscat market, take a dip in the crystal clear waters in the mountains at Wadi Bani Khalid & go 4WD dune bashing.

Egypt & Middle East Highlights

Egypt & Middle East FAQs

When it comes to visiting Egypt & the Middle East, we recommend spending a minimum of 2 weeks exploring the one of a kind history, cities and scenery. There is so much to see and do on a Egypt & Middle East tour. You can even opt to make your trip longer by adding on an extension package to Alexandria, El Alamein or Petra.

The price of an Egypt & Middle East tour package can vary. You can experience the Highlights of Egypt starting from $6,995 per person or discover all that Egypt and Jordan has to offer on our Egypt & Jordan Discovery tour from $12,295 per person. All of our small group tours to Egypt & the Middle East include accomodation, transport, airfares, breakfast daily, tipping and tour guides. 

The best time to visit Egypt & the Middle East can depend on what you want to see and do. The temperatures can, however, get extremely warm. Travelling between April to May or October to November are a good time to visit as the temperatures are warm, but not sweltering. We recommend speaking to one of our friendly Travel Specialists to discuss what works best for you.

Like any country, you must be respectful of the customs and traditions in the Middle East.  In Egypt, we would recommend to avoid drinking tap water (including brushing teeth) and drink bottled water instead. It’s also important to be respectful about how you dress, especially when visiting churches or mosques. Avoid wearing shorts above the knee or having exposed shoulders.

At Bunnik Tours, we are committed to safe travel for everyone. Visit our Book & Travel with Confidence page to find out about our latest policies.

At Bunnik Tours, we believe in responsible travel and sustainable tourism. For more information, visit our Sustainable Tourism hub.

Can't find the answers you're looking for? Check out our FAQs.

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