Where in the Wangaratta?

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 27 Sep 21

Where on Earth is Wangaratta? If you don’t know where it is, don’t stress! That’s why we’re here to help… read on to find out more.

Ovens River, Wangaratta by Mattinbgn/Wikimedia Commons

Ovens River, Wangaratta by Mattinbgn/Wikimedia Commons

Head a little up the road north from Melbourne, then a tad to the right - and voilà, you’ll find yourself in one of Victoria’s major rural cities!

The bustling Wangaratta is located roughly 230 kilometres north-east from Victoria’s capital, Melbourne. It’s found on the Hume Corridor, the main route that connects Sydney and Melbourne; and it also belongs to the Ovens Murray region – an area known as a gateway to Victoria’s alpine valleys and high country.

And now for a pint-sized history lesson because everyone loves a bit of history, right? Wangaratta was first settled in 1837 by sheepherder, George Faithfull, and it was not until 1959 that is was proclaimed a city. See, we told you it was a mini class!

Image credit: W.E. Barnes/Flickr

A melting pot of old country hospitality and modern city vibes, Wangaratta is the quintessential regional town. If fresh and delicious produce is your thing, then you’ve come to the right place. With farms nestled around the area, local produce is celebrated through an eclectic mix of eateries and restaurants. Yum!

Good food aside, you’ll also find a town rich in heritage and culture. There is plenty of historic buildings dotted throughout the town, including the spectacularly restored Public Library, the old Post Office, Royal Victoria Hotel and St Patrick’s Church. And the best thing? They’re all within walking distance of each other!

Image credit: @denisbin/flickr

Image credit: @denisbin/flickr

It’s no wonder nature lovers rejoice in Wangaratta, with two major rivers passing through the region. As naturally scenic as it is diverse, there are several walking trails to be found in the area along with nature reserves and remarkable lookouts.  

Exploring Wangaratta should be on everyone’s Australian-travel bucket-list; and we can help you with that! Our 9 day Victorian High Country & Gippsland small group tour spends 4 glorious nights in the city, exploring the surrounding region and its myriad of highlights.