Heading off on a Bunnik Tour?

Make sure you complete the passenger registration form, including the fitness to travel declaration, within seven days of your booking.

Passenger Registration

In order for us to complete your booking and issue documentation, we require you to complete your passenger registration as soon as possible, and no later than seven days after making your booking.

As part of this form, you will need to complete a fitness to travel declaration, confirming you have the right level of mobility for our itineraries. For full details on our Fitness to Travel policy please click here.


Please have the following details handy BEFORE filling in this form:

Required information 

  1. Passport(s) (international only)
  2. Emergency contact information
  3. Your email address (required for confirmation email)

Additional information

  • Travel insurance policy number, if you already have it.


If you have credit card insurance, you need a policy number if provided to you, the name of the underwriter, and the underwriters’ emergency telephone number.


Please ensure the information supplied is accurate as this will be used to issue your final travel documentation.