From tuk tuks to traditional feluccas, our modes of transport are as varied as our tours.

Like most tour companies, we have clean, comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles. Where we have differed is that we've held to the principle that small group touring allows for the best touring experience.

Since 2012 we have limited our group size to a maximum of 20 passengers, with some tours as low as 12. We still use spacious coaches throughout, whilst offering full size coaches in Europe. Our small group policy means there are always plenty of free seats on the coach, giving you space to spread out and making it easier to take in the incredible views. It also assists us with appropriately distancing ourselves throughout the vehicle, a newfound necessity of the times.   

Many other group tours will continue selling until their bus is full. This can mean all 49 seats are taken which leaves fewer chances to access window seats, bottlenecks upon entry and exit of the vehicle and passengers in close proximity to one another.

As well as the standard coaches, we like to mix it up because we believe it makes for a better holiday experience. After all, anybody can give you a coach tour, for us it’s all about the experience! We travel on traditional boats, take scenic train journeys, glide up mountains in cable cars and go on thrilling game drives in 4WDs.

And then there are times we don’t provide any transport at all! We leave the coach behind and wander through rural villages, explore hidden corners of the big cities and discover the magic of mother nature. For us the love of travel means getting out and actually experiencing the places we visit.

Learn more about our extensive use of varied transport and why it'll make for a better holiday.