Our small group tours of 20 guests or less mean you’ll spend less time waiting for others, enjoy more time with your guide and have room to spread out on the bus - smaller groups really do give you a better holiday experience!

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Travel Styles


We understand that everyone has their own travelling style. Some prefer a tour jam-packed with adventurous activities or shorter in-depth tours, while others love to experience deluxe accommodation. No matter your preference, you can find a small group tour that aligns with your interests and fitness level at Bunnik Tours. 


Classic Tours

Small group tour guests on a classic tour in Vienna

The small group tours you know and love that include airfares with max 20 guests. Enjoy a balance of organised sightseeing and self-exploration, plus some special experiences.


In-Style Tours

In-Style Small Group Tours on the Hiram Bingham Train in Peru

Deluxe tours with max 16 guests. Travel in style staying in 5 star accommodation and enjoy exclusive deluxe experiences.
Image by Belmond Images


Multi-Activity Tours

Husky sled ride on a small group tours multi-activity tour

For the more adventurous among us, these small group tours include exciting activities like hiking, cycling, swimming, cooking, snorkelling, and tastings in addition to regular sightseeing.
Image by Wild Nordic Finland


Special/Festival Departures

Day of the Dead in Mexico on a special/festival small group tour

Witness some of the most unique seasonal events and celebrations from around the world.
Image by Journey Mexico

Escorted Tours

Small group tours escorted by Dennis Bunnik in South Australia

Join Dennis, Sacha, Marion Bunnik, or one of our Bunnik Tours representatives on one of our escorted small group tours where they will guide you every step of the way.

Land Only Tours

Visit the Cliffs of Moher on a land only small group tour

Explore shorter tour options without airfares included, while still travelling in the small group sizes you know and love.
Image by Alfred Schrock, Unsplash




Travel Themes



Cruise in the Gala[agos on a small group tour

Sail along the grand Nile River, overnight on the picturesque Halong Bay and cruise down the Croatian coast.

Deluxe Tours

Enjoy deluxe accommodation and experiences on a deluxe small group tour

Stay in Copacabana Palace Hotel, overlook the majestic Nile at the famous Old Cataract Hotel and indulge in fine dining on our luxury in-style tours.


Food Tours

Taste Portuguese tarts on a food small group tour

Take your tastebuds on a journey. Enjoy a picnic breakfast at Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon, a traditional Chanko Nabe lunch in Tokyo & more. 

Hard to reach places

Discover Bolivia's salt lakes on a hard to reach places small group tour

Discover 11 species of lemur endemic to Madagascar and witness the fascinating Burning Mountain of Absheron, Azerbaijan.

Historical Tours

The Sphinx and pyramid in Egypt on a historical small group tour

Unearth incredible history. Marvel at the Great Pyramids, visit Ephesus, the largest Roman city ever uncovered, and wander the streets of historic Edinburgh.


Walking & Hiking Tours

Hike Machu Picchu in Peru on a walking and hiking small group tour

Hike the Inca Trail, walk through the canopies of the Amazon jungle and discover natural wonders of the world on foot.

Wildlife Tours

See leopards in Kenya on a wildlife small group tour

Venture into the Amazon Jungle, watch herds of elephants along the Chobe River or spot leopards stalking their prey on a Sri Lankan safari.







Africa Tours

Discover wildlife running free across the plains, stunning landscapes and diverse cultures.


Asia Tours

Taste the flavours of Asia, explore hidden gems and discover spectacular landscapes and historical sites.


Australia Tours

Immerse yourself in local experiences, sample delicious food and wine and explore everything Australia has to offer.


Egypt & Middle East Tours

See the spectacular twin temples of Abu Simbel, descend into ancient tombs and taste wine in Golan.


Europe Tours

World-famous museums, extraordinary scenery, and cities rich in history and culture are waiting for you.

Polar Cruises

A once in a lifetime experience. See polar bears and penguins, immerse yourself in the beauty of vast glaciers and more.

South & Central America Tours

From glaciers to salt flats, condors to sloths, Mayan ruins to lively La Boca, the diversity will astound you.

United Kingdom & Ireland Tours

 Fall in love with picturesque villages, stunning natural landscapes and a wealth of fascinating history.



Sustainable Tourism


At Bunnik Tours, we believe in sustainable travel and giving back to local communities. We want to preserve the natural beauty, cultures and history of the world so they can be enjoyed for generations to come. This is why our small group tours are low-impact and in harmony with the places we visit. 

To avoid over-tourism and spread economic benefits, we include free time in our small group tours where possible. For an in-depth experience, you can interact and support local communities, such as enjoying traditional home cooked meals and visiting local villages. Bunnik Tours also work hard to reduce our environmental footprint wherever we go. In 2019, we trialled the use of reusable water bottles on our Slovenia, Croatia, Ecuador, Sri Lanka and Kenya tours. This saved at least 3 bottles per day, which equates to 50-75 bottles per person, per trip. We have also donated over $100,000 to the Sri Lanka Community Projects, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Bali Kids / Carry for Kids and the Fred Hollows Foundation.

For more information, visit our Sustainable Tourism hub.




A self-guided, independent package with Bunnik Tours still includes many of the benefits of a group guided tour, but at your own pace.  We provide all accommodation, transport between accommodation and sightseeing as listed in the itinerary, with the assistance of local representatives or guides in each destination.

In comparison, when travelling on a group tour you will be with other Bunnik Tours clients for all transport and included sightseeing.  Regardless of your region of travel, you can expect a Tour Director/Guide to expertly lead you through your small group tour.

At Bunnik Tours, a small group tour is limited to a maximum of 20 guests, and can have as low as 12. As outlined in our small group philosophy, there are many benefits, including:

  • Less time waiting for getting on and off the coach, hotel check-ins or comfort stops.
  • You get to spend more time with your expert guides to ask questions.
  • There's more space on the coaches so you can spread out and also enjoy the views better!
  • With a smaller group, you get more choices of hotels and accomodations.
  • Bunnik Tours small group tours can venture off the beaten track, visit smaller, local restaurants and have more freedom to explore.
  • You have more fun because you can interact with the entire group, not just a portion of it.
  • You can be a responsible tourist as you travel.

Small group tours provide our clients with the opportunity to gain more exclusive access to experiences around the world that cannot accommodate large groups of visitors. The cost of a small group tour can not be compared directly to a larger group tour unless all the inclusions are the same, such as transport, sightseeing and accommodation. And we believe our small group tour inclusions are some of the most comprehensive in the industry.  

Some of the benefits of travel with a small group which may reflect the cost of the tour include the ability to stay at smaller, boutique accommodation, dine with locals in their homes or small local eateries and enjoy more space on the coach. Learn more about why small group tours are better.

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