Travel in comfort and style on a cruising experience with Bunnik Tours. Not only will you get to relax and watch the world go by on board, but you will get the opportunity to explore all the best sights on our land excursions.

Tour the incredible city of Vienna, see pink dolphins and unique bird species in the Amazon Jungle, discover penguins and vast glaciers in Antarctica, witness exotic wildlife in Africa and much more! Book a cruise online or get in touch with our friendly Travel Specialists about our tours today.


Cruising By Destination



Small boat on a calm river in Chobe national park on a cruising experience

Famous for its wide variety of incredible wildlife and beautiful scenery, our African all inclusive cruises are a must! Spot lions, zebras and hippos along the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers, enjoy some water-based activities, try catching some bream and tiger fish, sit back and relax on board as you enjoy delicious cuisine and so much more!


White boat cruising down river in Europe with castle and hills in the background

Europe is home to beautiful landscapes, rich history and incredible cultural sites. Cruise along the Main River in Germany, tour the beautiful city of Vienna at your own pace, visit the Prince’s Palace in Monaco, relax as you enjoy the stunning view of the Danube River in Budapest, explore the ethereal city of Rome and so much more! Europe



Person cruising in Antarctica with icy water

Experience a once in a lifetime opportunity on a cruising expedition of Antarctica. Immerse yourself in the stunning wilderness as you spot penguin species in Antarctica, see stunning glaciers in Argentina, witness polar bears in their natural habitat and tour an old mining town in Norway and more!

South & Central America

Boat cruising the Amazon river in Iquitos with greenery

Cruise in style as you see some of the most unique wildlife and surreal landscapes on a South and Central America cruise package. See lava lizards and lions lazing on the Galapagos Islands, discover unique insects and wildlife in the Amazon, see magnificent landscapes in the Patagonia region and more! 





Cruising Highlights


River Nile Cruise

Spend 4 nights on a luxury cruise ship travelling down the majestic Nile River.

Discover the Antarctic Peninsula

Immerse yourself in the unimaginable beauty of the Antarctic Peninsula, where vast glaciers tumble into the sea, penguins are dwarfed by soaring peaks and humpback and minke whales feast on abundant krill.

Croatian Coast cruise

Cruise in style along the sparkling Croatian coast, visiting picturesque islands, taking in iconic coastlines and revelling in the natural beauty.




As our cruise holidays are affordable all year round and have small groups of guests on board, we recommend booking your tour during the summer and spring seasons in your chosen destination. This will give you the best chance to spot exotic wildlife and see all the beautiful landscapes in their prime.

Yes! As we will be entering international countries on our land-only excursions, you will need your passport to be guaranteed entry. In some countries visas may also be required. One of our friendly Travel Specialists will be able to answer any questions you have about our cruises.

It depends on where your cruise is going and the duration. We would recommend looking at our itineraries and seeing how many stops and places we will be visiting whilst on the cruise. From there you can determine how much you will need per day. Please note that most meals are included as well. For more information, please speak to one of our Travel Specialists.

At Bunnik Tours, we believe in responsible travel and sustainable tourism. For more information, visit our Sustainable Tourism hub.

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