Our classic tour range offers a maximum of just 20 travellers, packed with unique and local experiences we've been curating since 2004.

With time to explore on your own, expert guided sightseeing, special experiences, and airfares included, you will have the experience of a lifetime on a classic tour with us. From exploring the pristine temples in Japan, the iconic pyramids in Egypt to the romantic city of Venice and the unique wildlife in Africa – there’s a tour for everyone! Book a classic small group tour today or get in touch with one of our friendly Travel Specialists.


Classic Tours By Destination



3 grown African elephants walking across the plains with more elephants in the background in Tanzania on a classic tour

Africa is home to an array of stunning natural landscapes and magnificent wildlife. See diverse birdlife in Lake Nakuru, witness incredible wildlife in Maasai Mara National Park, tour the beautiful town of Zanzibar, be blown away by the stunning Victoria Falls and more!




People walking around Angkor Thom temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia on a classic tour

A continent full of wonders, including diverse cultures and ancient civilisations. Explore the mediaeval capital of Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka, walk across the iconic Shibuya Crossing in Japan, witness the stunning Bulguksa Temple in Busan, explore the fanicating Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam and more!

Egypt & the Middle East

Abu Simbel temple with a blue sky in Egypt on a classic tour

The Middle East and Egypt are beloved for their intriguing, ancient histories and cultures. Visit the incredible Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, discover the iconic Lost City of Petra in Jordan, explore the Wadi Rum Desert on a 4WD tour, tour the old city of Jerusalem in Israel and so much more! 


Colourful houses sitting on a clifftop on the Cinque Terre coast in Italy on a classic tour

Europe is home to diverse landscapes, rich cultures, world famous landmarks and intriguing histories. Visit the Roman Colosseum in Italy, discover the stunning Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, travel to the bleached island of Santorini, tour the stylish city of Barcelona and so much more!

South & Central America

People exploring Maras Salt Mines in Sacred Valley Peru on a classic tour

South and central America is filled with stunning landscapes, diverse cultures and exotic wildlife. Spot sloths, jaguars, capybaras and green anacondas in the Amazon Jungle, be mesmerised by the stunning view of the Sacred Valley in Peru,  see the statue of Christ in Rio, visit the incredible Iguazu Falls in Argentina and more!

United Kingdom & Ireland

Roman Baths in Bath, England on a classic tour

Explore pristine rugged landscapes, discover grand architecture and enjoy vibrant cities. On a classic tour you can visit the iconic Edinburgh Castle, tour Trinity’s College famous library in Dublin, discover the shores of Loch Ness, walk through the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park and more!  





Classic Tour Highlights


Abu Simbel

Visit the stunning temples of Abu Simbel that were commissioned during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II as a monument to himself and his queen, Nefertari.

Pompeii Ruins

Visit the famous ruins of Pompeii, buried for hundreds of years after the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 AD.

Fly Over The Okavango Delta

Take a scenic flight over the incredible Okavango Delta and enjoy breathtaking views of the delta's expanded waterways, white claypans and palm-lined lagoons.




Our classic tours are great value for money. We offer a range of small group tours for, starting from $4,595 per person. Airfares, internal flights, many meals and tipping  are all included on our classic tours.

It depends what you would like to see and do! No matter your preference, we’ve got a tour to suit. If you’re interested in touring Asia, we have tours ranging from 13 to 32 days. For an Egypt and Middle East tour, choose from 12 to 24 days. Our South and Central America tours range from 17 to 35 days. The classic tours in Europe start from 19 to 27 days. For an Africa tour, choose from 17 to 25 days.

This will change depending on your preference and what you would like to do and see in your chosen destination. Speak to one of our friendly Travel Specialists to find out the best time to travel for you.

At Bunnik Tours, we believe in responsible travel and sustainable tourism. For more information, visit our Sustainable Tourism hub.

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