Accommodation can make or break a tour, so we take choosing our tour hotels very seriously.

We love smaller hotels with character as they match our small groups - it’s also something that the larger tour companies with mega groups just can’t do. After all, why travel halfway around the world to stay somewhere that looks like the Ibis at Sydney Airport?

We also like to mix it up a bit and add in special accommodation experiences such as overnighting on a houseboat in South India or in a traditional Ryokan guesthouse in Japan. In South America we stay in some great old haciendas and estancias, as well as the most incredible eco-resort deep in the Amazon Jungle.

Our hotels range from 3 to 5 star depending on the destination and what’s available. However, rather than focussing on star ratings we use the following criteria: cleanliness, great service, atmosphere, location, location and location. 



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