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Hiroshima Castle by Mirza Ariadi

Hiroshima - From devastation to determination

It can be difficult to think of this Japanese city and not recall that devasting day in August 1945, but the people of Hiroshima are determined to make their home a place of ‘peace and creativity’. And this is exactly what their ‘Hiroshima 2045’ future city plans have been developed towards.
Mt Fuji by Dennis Bunnik

Fast Fuji Facts

Easily one of Japan’s biggest drawcards, the gorgeous Mount Fuji is a significant symbol of the country. Standing at a staggering 3,776 metres, it’s the tallest mountain in Japan, and is an active volcano sitting on an intersection of tectonic activity! Let’s delve into some fast Fuji facts!
Florence by Mirza Ariadi

Fall in love with Florence

It won’t be hard to fall in love with Florence! Nestled in the stunning region of Tuscany, Florence will instantly captivate you. A striking city heavily influenced by the Renaissance era, its Roman beginnings as a garisson town is still evident.
Image credit: Destination NSW

Sapphire Coast: a Southern Gem

If you’re anything like me, you’ll hear Sapphire Coast and immediately picture an exotic international coast – but to our pleasure, it’s found right here in Australia! Gorgeous scenery, endless wildlife and a whole lot of culture; how did we get so lucky? Let’s delve into one of Australia’s hidden gems (see what we did there! 😉).
Madrid by Dennis Bunnik

Spain | 24 hours in Madrid!

What might 24 hours look like in the Spanish capital? Let’s find out.
12 Apostles by Visit Victoria

The Great Ocean Road

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of the iconic Great Ocean Road, or perhaps you’ve even been lucky enough to cruise along and bask in its beauty! There’s so much to see along the way, from charming towns full of friendly locals to awe-inspiring scenery that will leave a lasting impression: let’s unpack one of Australia’s most scenic routes!
Adelaide Central Markets by Dennis Bunnik

Sensational Adelaide

In light of recent rankings, we thought a post about the incredible Adelaide seemed very appropriate. In case you didn’t already know, humble ol’ Adelaide scored a whopping 3rd place in the world’s most liveable cities 2021 ranking (but being native and proud South Australians, we already knew that!).
Quokka on Rottnest Island, Western Australia by Tourism Western Australia

Rottnest Island

Just 18 kilometres off the coast of Western Australia, you will discover the gorgeous oasis of Rottnest Island, or ‘Rotto’ as the locals refer to it. A ferry across from Fremantle takes just 25 minutes and in no time, you are bathing in the Island’s beauty.
Lucky Bay, Esperance, Western Australia by Tourism Western Australia

Exquisite Esperance to amazing Albany

Touring the south west, from Esperance to Albany, you will be amazed at the beauty of Western Australia’s landscapes and abundance of wildlife.