Size matters and in the world of group touring, smaller is definitely better!

Why Choose Small Group Travel?


Small groups have always been at the core of our touring philosophy as we know they create a better holiday experience. That’s why all our small group tours are limited to a maximum of just 20 guests and as low as 12 for some tours. You’ll spend less time waiting, and more time enjoying! But why is small group travel better? Read on to find out!


Why small group travel? It creates better holiday experiences like dining out with new-found friends.


Our Top 10 Reasons Why Smaller Is Better

Here are just 10 advantages of small group tours:


1. Less time waiting

Our small groups mean you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying! Getting on and off the coach, hotel check-ins, comfort stops, meals - with a small group everything is easier and quicker, giving you more time to enjoy your holiday.

2. More time with your guides

Our very low guest to guide ratio means you'll have more time with our guides. That's more time to ask questions and to take advantage of their wealth of local knowledge.

3. More space on the coach

Our groups are small but our vehicles are not! This means there are always plenty of empty seats for you to spread out in comfort.

4. Better views

Full coaches often mean your holiday photos feature the back of people's heads. When the coach isn't full everyone has a better view.

5. More hotel choice

Big groups can only stay at large, and often impersonal, hotels. Small groups can stay at the smaller hotels, with lots of character that are closer to the action.

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6. Less time on the coach

Because our hotels are centrally located we can do more sightseeing on foot rather than spending time caught up in city traffic. Walking allows you to have a more immersive holiday experience, and feel like a true local! 

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7. Flexibility

Small groups are more flexible, so we can change the itinerary around to suit the local conditions.

8. Get off the tourist trail

For logistical reasons large groups must stay at large hotels, eat at the large tourist restaurants and stick to the tourist trail. Smaller groups can venture off the beaten tourist track, stay at smaller hotels and visit smaller restaurants and businesses.

9. Be a responsible tourist

Small groups are low-impact and don't ruin the very place you've come to see. By not being limited to large hotels and restaurants we are able to better help the local communities we visit.

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10. More fun!

Small groups are more fun and give you a better holiday experience because you get the chance to interact with the whole group, not just a small portion of a full coach.

Man taking photo out of a window on a small group tour


At Bunnik Tours, we have a maximum group size of 20 guests on our tours, with the exception of our African tours which have an even smaller group size of just 12. There are so many benefits of small group travel, which is why it’s how we structure all of our holidays! You spend less time waiting and more time adventuring.

Absolutely; that’s why small group travel is what we specialise in! Not only do you get to experience and see more, but our tours are affordable and all-inclusive. Curious about where you can visit? Learn more below:

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