Jordan | Little Petra and Wadi Rum

  • Marion Bunnik
  • 20 May 20

Wadi Rum has to be seen to be believed! Our night in the Bedouin Camp was under a million stars.

Little Petra by Marion Bunnik

Little Petra by Marion Bunnik

Our surroundings were these unusual rock formations which the local people had adorned with lights. The campfire and local dancing made it even more spectacular. We drank some local drinks, ate food cooked in the ground and enjoyed the company of the local Bedouins and other travellers.

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum Desert by Dennis Bunnik

Staying in Wadi Rum can include a stay in one of the existing camps or in a private camp.

The next day we went for a 4×4 jeep drive to see some beautiful rock formations. We met various people riding on camels.

Travel 4x4 or camel!

Camel Transport by Dennis Bunnik

Our driver made us tea on a small camp fire and showed us how to make soap from the local bushes. It made us realise how self-sufficient these people living in Wadi Rum are, away from what we see as life’s essentials. Travelling in Jordan is such a wonderful experience.

Another highlight of our recent trip to Jordan and Wadi Rum was a visit to Little Petra, Petra’s little sister. Little Petra is amazing and a must see part of any visit here.

Bedouin lady

Photo by Marion Bunnik

This picture is of a lovely Bedouin lady who lives in the Little Petra area making small souvenirs.

It was just so nice to have her walking down the stairs and allowing me to take her photo. I could not speak her language and she did not speak mine yet we still had such a wonderful conversation together full of big smiles, kindness and a few gestures by our hands and body.

This was one of those great experiences that stays with you long after. Meeting the local people is such a special part of your journey and is a sure way to create everlasting memories of your visit.

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