Tassie on Tour!

  • Marion Bunnik
  • 16 Feb 21

We are finally travelling again, and this time it's in our own backyard, with one of our first groups in Tasmania! If there's something we have learned this past year, it's that there is so much to explore in our own country and we are so appreciative of just how much it has to offer.

Travelling through Tasmania is food for the soul on all fronts. In this relatively small state, the abundant beauty can be found in such variety everywhere. And not to mention the proud Tasmanian locals, whose friendly smiles and warm greetings have made us feel so welcome.

Tassie Group 2

So far we've visited the spectacular Salmon Farm and Marion's Vineyard, hearing alluring stories from the locals who've worked hard to make their dream a reality. Along with touring the properties and listening to the interesting tales, we had the chance to sample the delicious, regional flavours. 

Tour bus


We discovered the emotional history in Port Arthur, then moved onto Freycinet National Park to bask in the sublime scenery of Wineglass Bay.

Tassie phoots

Frank & Marion

Tassie photos

If there is one thing I know for sure it's that I'm coming home 2kg heavier, and with a new found love for the small, albeit spectacular, island of Tasmania! 

Tassie photos

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All photos by Marion Bunnik.