Top 20 Travel Phrases for Peru

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 03 Feb 20

So you’re thinking about a trip to Peru… It’s time to brush up on your Spanish! Navigate day-to-day situations with these helpful travel phrases!

Let's start with the basics...

  1. Hello – Hola (o-la)
    If you’re greeting someone in the morning you could substitute this for buenos dias (bway-nos dee-as), or buenas noches (bway-nos noh-chays) in the evening.
  2. Goodbye – Adios (a-dee-os)
    You might already know this one, but at least it’s an easy one to remember!
  3. Please – Por Favor (por fa-vor)
  4. Thank you – Gracias (gra-see-as)
    It’s always important to mind your manners.
  5. Yes – Si (see)
  6. No – No (noh)
  7. Excuse me – Disculpe (dis-kul-pay)
  8. I’m lost – Estoy Pedido (eh-stoy per-dee-dah)
    We hope this isn’t one you’ll have to say on tour, but you never know!

    Now let's get a bit more conversational…

  9. My name is… – Me llamo… (may ya-moh…)
    Being able to introduce yourself and ask basic conversational questions will really help to establish rapport.
  10. What's your name? – Como te llamas? (koh-moh te ya-mas)
  11. Nice to meet you… – Mucho gusto (Moo-choh goo-stah)
  12. How are you? – Como esta? (koh-moh eh-stah)
  13. I'm fine, thank you – Bien gracias (bee-en gra-see-as)
  14. How much does it cost? – Cuanto cuesta? (kwan-to kwes-ta?)
    When visiting local markets and shops this one is essential!
  15. Where is…? – Donde esta…? (don-day es-tah)
    You might like to pair this with some of the common things you’re likely to be looking for:
    Telephone – telefono (the-leh-foh-noh)
    Toilet – baño (bah-nyoh)
    Tea – Te (ti)
    Coffee – café (kah-feh)
    Bottled water – el agua embotellada (el ah-gwah em-boh-tay-ya-dah)
  16. I’m allergic to… / Does this have …. in it? – Sor allergico a… (soy ah-ler-gee-koh…) / Tiene esto…? (tee-en eh-stah…?)
    If you’ve got food allergies, these phrases are essential! Pair the above sentences with some common allergies below to ensure your dietary requirements are understood:
    Peanuts – Mani (mah-nee)
    Nuts – Nuez (nwehs)
    Seafood – Marisco (mah-rees-koh)
    Shellfish – Mariscos (mah-rees-kohs)
    Meat – Carne (kahr-neh)
    Gluten – Gluten (glu-dihn)
    Wheat – Trigo (tree-goh)
    Eggs – Huevos (weh-bohs)
    Dairy – Lacteos (lahk-teh-ohs)
    Pork – Carne de cerdo (karh-neh deh sehr-doh)
    Lactose – Lactosa (lakh-toh-sah)
    Soy – Soja (soh-hah)
  17. I am a… – Soy… (soy)
    These can also be helpful to clarify when eating out:
    Vegetarian – Vegetariano (beh-heh-tah-ryah-noh)
    Celiac – Celiaco (seh-lee-ah-koh)
    Diabetic – Diabetico (dee-ah-be-ti-koh)

    You might end up using these ones the most…

  18. I don't understand – No entiendo (no en-tee-en-doh)
    A good one to use when things start getting lost in translation.
  19. Do you speak English? – Habla Ingles? (ab-la in-glays)
    Cross your fingers and hope their answer to this will be ‘yes’.
  20. I would like a beer – Quisiera una cerveza (kee-see-eh-ra oo-na ser-vay-za)
    As always, we’ve saved the most important for last. After a long day of sightseeing, sometimes all you need is a cold, refreshing cerveza!

The Peru Tourism website is a great resource for anyone considering a trip to this vibrant South American nation.