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Petra, Jordan | The jewel in the rock

The true test of whether a so called tourism icon is either over-rated or lives up to the hype is your reaction when you visit for the third time.

Getting lost in Venice

Venice was just one of those places I’d been dreaming about for years. You see it in movies, on TV, and in other peoples’ holiday albums and you just don’t think a place like that can be real. Well it was.

Oslo | Top 5 sites in Norway's capital

There are a host of things to see and do in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. Here you can visit ancient viking ships, explore a host of museums, relax in the city’s parks and wander along Karl Johan’s gate. These are our top picks for your stay.
Sejong-daero, Seoul by Mario Sánchez Prada/Flickr

Why visit South Korea?

Why visit South Korea? Well, for one it’s an amazingly resilient country full of hard working people. In the space of 40 years, South Korea went from an impoverished third-world country, devastated by World War II and the Japanese occupation, to having one of the world’s strongest economies.
Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia | Getting lost in the metro

Moscow was the first stop on our journey across western Russia and the Baltic States.

25 Fast Facts about Ecuador

How much do you know about Ecuador? If your answer is ‘not much’ check out this list of fast facts we’ve put together. This small country certainly has a few things up its sleeve that will surprise you!
Monkey in Costa Rica

Costa Rica | Where the wild things are

I’ve just stepped off the plane after spending an incredible two weeks in amazing Costa Rica.

Krakow, Poland | Magical Krakow

Or ‘Magiczny Krakow’, as it is affectionately known by locals, certainly exudes ancient mystery and classical beauty.

Malta | A hidden jewel of the Mediterranean

Located in the heart of the blue Mediterranean, Malta is a real surprise and will delight tourists at every turn with its rich history, fun loving people, outstanding fresh food and natural beauty. Malta is warm and sunny all year round, making it the perfect place to visit anytime.