Small Group Touring Philosophy - More time with your tour guides

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 24 Feb 22

Like we always say, size matters! And in the world of small group touring, smaller is definitely better.

Egypt by Dennis Bunnik

Egypt by Dennis Bunnik

‘Hey Bunnik Tours, why do smaller group tours create a better holiday experience?’ Well, we’re glad you asked!

The answer? More time with your tour guides.

Our small group tours, and very low guest to guide ratio, means you’ll have more time with our guides. That’s more time to ask questions and to take advantage of their wealth of local knowledge.

Having more time with your guides especially comes to fruition in the wonderful Egypt. With our long history with Egypt, we’ve come into the role of being Egypt specialists. Over the years we’ve built strong connections with some of the best Egyptologists there are… and the best thing is? They’re tour guides as well, with a treasure trove of knowledge just waiting to be shared with you!

What could be better than exploring ancient Egyptian sights with an Egyptologist in a small and intimate group where everyone gets a chance to ask questions?

Likewise, in regions like South America and Asia, our In-Style small group tours have a maximum of just 16 passengers. These low guest to guide ratio means it's easier for you and your tour guide to build a stronger, and more personal connection. That means more local recommendations based on what you like personally.


Small groups have always been at the core of our touring philosophy as we know they create a better holiday experience. That’s why all our small group tours are limited to a maximum of just 20 guests and as low as 12 for some tours. You’ll spend less time waiting, and more time enjoying!



Image credit: Dennis Bunnik