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Why Bunnik Tours

Less stress, more money

Having come from a retail background we know the pressures placed on today’s travel consultants. Therefore everything we do is designed to make your job easier, reduce your stress and maximise your income.

We Do the Work

No phone queues mean you speak to a real person that knows what they are talking about! Our tours include flights - which we book. This means wait-lists, schedule changes, ticket deadlines and ADMs are our problem - not yours. It also means that if something happens after departure - ash clouds anyone? - it’s our issue.

Maximise Your Commission

Our tour packages include flights - and we pay you the same rate of commission on both the air and touring components! On the ground we include what most other tour companies only offer as overpriced optional tours. This means you make the commission, not the tour director. And your client gets a better experience.

Our Name is Bunnik

We know our family’s name is at stake every time we sell a holiday, that’s why we’re proud to call these tours our own. It’s also the reason we go the extra mile to ensure our clients get the best possible holiday experience. That’s why BRW recognised us winner in the 2012 BRW Private Business Awards for Customer Service for our work looking after clients during the Egypt Revolution.

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