Vatican City is the world’s smallest, fully independent city-state and country in the world, surrounded entirely by Rome. It’s also home to the pope and the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. It has its own Vatican gardens, telephone system, post office, astronomical observatory, radio station, banking system and pharmacy. Vatican City also has a contingent of Swiss Guards that have been responsible for the personal safety of the pope since 1506. The Vatican City houses some of the most famous art in the world, including works by Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Raphael in the Sistine Chapel (among other artists), as well as the incredible architecture of St Peter’s Square and Basilica, the Apostolic Palace, and Vatican Museum. Explore all this and more on a Vatican City tour. Book a small group tour with Bunnik Tours online or contact one of our friendly Travel Specialists.

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Vatican City Facts & Tips

Capital — Vatican City
Population — 800
Language — Italian
Religion — Catholic
Time Zone
Time Zone — 8 hours behind AEST (depending on daylight savings)
Currency — Euro

Vatican City FAQs

Absolutely, the Vatican City is a must-see destination! And when you see it on a small group tour, you get to visit all the main tourist attractions with the guidance of an expert tour guide.

There is a basic dress code required for entry into the Vatican City. Men and women must cover their knees and upper arms. This means shorts and skirts above the knee are not allowed, and sleeveless shirts and low cut shirts cannot be worn. Men aren't allowed to wear hats, whereas women can continue to wear one.

There are no fees required to enter the Vatican City. You can take a Vatican tour through popular tourist attractions like St Peter’s Basilica and St Peter’s square for free. But, a Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum tour do require an entry fee. All entrance fees and tipping is included on a  Bunnik Tours Vatican City tour, so you won’t be required to pay extra on the day.

The decision will depend on all the sights you want to see and what activities you want to do. Bunnik Tours offer an Italian Discovery holiday package that takes you through the Vatican City and Italy. You will spend one day in the Vatican City, where you can explore the famous Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museum, St Peter’s Square and Basilica and the Vatican Garden.

At Bunnik Tours, we believe in responsible travel and sustainable tourism. For more information, visit our Sustainable Tourism hub.

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