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Independent Travel By Destination



2 African dancers at a traditional African Boma dinner singing and dancing on an independent travel tour

A land full of diverse landscapes and magnificent wildlife. On an independent travel package you will search for wild game along the Zambezi River, discover stunning views of Victoria Falls, enjoy an African safari through Chobe National Park, relax and enjoy a traditional African Boma dinner, see the incredible gorillas of Rwanda and so much more!

Egypt & the Middle East

Woman taking a photo of a group of people standing on top of a sand dune in front of a sunset in Wahiba Sands on an independent travel tour

Experience local cultures and incredible ancient history on an independent travel package to Egypt and the Middle East. Tour the preserved Roman city of Jerash, relax in the therapeutic ‘Dead Sea’ in Jordan, explore the amazing lost city of Petra, camp overnight in the beautiful Wadi Rum Desert and more!
Image by Sandra Cahill


Leaning Tower of Pisa in the afternoon on an independent travel tour

Discover iconic landmarks, impressive scenery and delve into rich cultures on a Europe independent travel package. Discover the impressive baroque Bishops’ Residenz in Germany, tour the Spessart region home to the actual Snow White, tour the vibrant city of Budapest, visit the incredible Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, explore the charming village of Kinderdijk in the Netherlands and more!



Two puffins standing on the cliffside in Iceland on an independent travel tour

Explore an ice covered land, filled with exotic life. Bunnik Tours offer a wide variety of polar independent packages, where you can discover arctic foxes and historic camps in Norway, see dramatic fjords in Iceland, spot penguins on King George Island in Antarctica, see reindeers, seals and birdlife in the Vatnajokull National Park and so much more!
Image by Aurora Expeditions


South & Central America

Street lined with colourfully painted buildings on an independent travel package

South and Central America are beloved for their breathtaking views, colourful wildlife and rich cultures. On an independent package with Bunnik Tours you will spend time touring the Amazon Rainforest and discover rare pink dolphins, colourful bird life, red-bellied piranhas and sloths, explore the Atacama Desert in Chile, tour the vibrant city of Bogota, stay in an eco-resort and tour the Galapagos Islands and more! 




Independent Travel Highlights


The Dead Sea

Float in the Dead Sea in Jordan and cover your body in the therapeutic mud, said to have amazing benefits for your skin.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Explore the abundant wildlife and pristine beaches in Manuel Antonio National Park, spotting butterflies, iguanas, sloths and a variety of native flora.

Gorillas of Rwanda

Observe these magnificent creatures as they go about their daily life, feeding, playing, resting and raising their young within the rainforest.




An independent travel package at Bunnik Tours is a unique tour that focuses on visiting one or more destinations. These options are perfect for adding onto a small group tour or on their own - the choice is up to you!

For travellers looking to experience the wonders of the Antarctic and Arctic, our cruises start from $7,775 per person. Our South and Central America packages start from only $2,495 per person. If you want to explore incredible wildlife on our Africa independent packages, our options start from as low as $2,885 per person. Our Egypt and Middle East packages start from $2,845 per person. For an independent European adventure, our cruises start from $9,145 per person.

The independent travel packages at Bunnik Tours range in length, from 4 to 21 days - so you can find the perfect fit for your dream holiday! Although our independent options are shorter than our small group tours, you can add them to any existing tour you have booked, or simply book them on their own.

At Bunnik Tours, we believe in responsible travel and sustainable tourism. For more information, visit our Sustainable Tourism hub.

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