Tasting the flavours of different countries is one of our favourite things about travel. It’s not everyday you get to enjoy a traditional Chanko Nabe lunch in Tokyo, discover Saigon’s best local eating spots in Vietnam or join a local family for dinner along the Gin Oya River in Sri Lanka. We place a big emphasis on special food experiences in Asia.

Japan & China

Japan and China are known for their fresh, delicious and unique cuisines. Your tastebuds will be enticed by our variety of special food experiences from Tokyo to Beijing.

Chanko Nabe hotpot

Chanko Nabe, Japan

Watch a sumo wrestling demonstration before enjoying a traditional Chanko Nabe (sumo stew) lunch at a local restaurant.

China Dumplings

Dumpling mania, China

Stroll through Beijing’s hutongs (narrow streets and alleys) to explore a different side of the city. We’ll also visit a local home to try some homemade dumplings.

Southeast Asia

The dishes in Southeast Asia will leave your mouth watering. Vietnam is renowned for its simple and vibrant meals, while Laotian cuisines are filled with sticky rice, fresh herbs and spices. From Hoi An to Luang Prabang, there’s so much to try!

Red Bridge Cooking School

Red Bridge Cooking School, Vietnam

Visit the colourful local market before taking a short cruise along the Hoi An River to the secluded Red Bridge Cooking School for an aromatic and informative cooking class.

Vietnam food

Vespas and Vietnamese, Vietnam

Go off the beaten track to discover Saigon’s best food spots. Touring by vespa, we’ll taste authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

Laos Petanque and dinner

Laotian dinner, Laos

Join the locals to experience the tastes and traditions of Laos with a game of Petanque, followed by a typical Laotian dinner.

Sri Lanka & India

Longing to discover more about food in Sri Lanka or India? Why not delve into dinner with a local family in Negombo or try your hand at traditional Indian cooking in Jaipur?

Sri Lanka Gin Oya dinner

Dinner on the banks of a river, Sri Lanka

Watch the sunset along the jungle-fringed Gin Oya River, before joining a local family for a hosted dinner on the banks of the river.

India market and dinner

Indian cooking lesson and dinner, India

Visit a colourful market and interact with a local family during a traditional Indian cooking lesson, then join them for dinner.