Aveiro, Portugal

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 02 Apr 20

Portugal is home to beautiful coastline, delicious cuisine and colourful architecture. The country’s cities all offer something different from eclectic Porto, to vibrant Lisbon and all that’s in between, including the Venice-like city of Aveiro.

Aveiro, Portugal by Ricardo Resende on Unsplash

Aveiro, Portugal by Ricardo Resende on Unsplash

About an hour drive south from Porto, the city of Aveiro is situated on a series of canals that wind their way through the city’s stunning architecture. A popular destination for locals and tourists alike, Aveiro is a crowd pleaser; a mix of intricate architecture, vibrant atmosphere and charming canals that rival the likes of Venice.  

Here are four things to know about Aveiro.

1. Unexpected History

When you think of Portugal, we bet seaweed doesn’t come to mind does it? Well, the Ria de Aveiro, the lagoon that the city of Aveiro sits on top of, was once farmed for seaweed, salt and fish!

2. Traditional Moliceiros

Italy’s Venice is famous for its gondolas, but in Portugal they are known as moliceiros. These colourfully painted boats were once used by farmers in the Ria de Aveiro and are now the perfect way to experience the charm of Aveiro’s many canals.

3. Incredible Architecture

Art Nouveau architecture painted in bright colours line the canals of Aveiro. Known as an open-air Art Nouveau museum, you don’t have to be an architecture buff to appreciate and admire Aveiro’s buildings.

4. Close to the Coast

Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

A short drive out of Aveiro and you’re at the beach! We know that the Portuguese love bright colours and the beach houses of Costa Nova are no exception. The coast is lined with vibrant and colourful houses that make a stroll along the beach even more special.