Bunnik Tours, a Sunday like no other

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 17 Mar 20

Sunday marked a momentous day in the travel industry globally. Countries around the world enacted travel restrictions on a scale unseen before with the important task of stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Bunnik Tours, like many other tour operators, have been working unrelentingly to get their passengers home to Australia, and to help defer the travel plans of those shortly due to depart. The effort feels Herculean to say the least, and it’s an effort in the face of what is an ever-changing myriad of challenges. Airlines are shedding flights and people are understandably trying to get back to their home shores. Our team is showing up each and every day to help find solutions for our loyal travellers. We’re in awe of their incredible efforts to help our travellers, our industry colleagues, and each other.

Sunday marked another momentous day in our history, it marked 25 years to the day that Marion Bunnik first opened the doors to her very own retail travel agency. This agency quickly blossomed into the award-winning tour operator we are today, Bunnik Tours.

Sunday was a day we were supposed to be celebrating but it heartbreakingly marks a devastating day for our industry.

The incredible level of compassion and support that you, our loyal travellers, have shown over this remarkable time continues to lift our spirits. Each day we come back, putting our shoulder to the grindstone that is COVID-19, to work our way through what lies ahead.

We’re still dreaming, we’re still Bunnik Tours. ❤️

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