Europe's hottest destinations

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 06 Feb 20

Packed with countless countries, cities and sights, Europe is one of the most travelled regions in the world. But if you’re thinking of heading to Europe, where are the best places to go? We’ve summarised some of Europe’s hottest destinations to help guide you with your next holiday.

Dubrovnik, Croatia


Boasting a magnificent coastline, dotted with exotic islands, islets and reefs, Croatia offers fun, sun and colour as well as delicious food and an intriguing history. Must visit city: Dubrovnik, for its old town and views over the Adriatic coast.

Krakow, Poland


From magnificent gothic castles and charming old-town squares, to the chilling reminders of its troubled past, Poland is a fascinating place that is a must for any avid traveller. Must visit city: Krakow for its Wieliczka salt mine, stunning architecture, fascinating culture and divine cuisine

Baku, Azerbaijan (Credit: AlixSaz)


Labelled as the ‘Land of Fire’ Azerbaijan has come a long way since the post-Soviet 1990s, boasting dazzling 21st century architecture, fascinating mud volcanoes and timeless villages. Its magnificent landscape will be sure to take your breath away! Must visit city: Baku, for its seaside promenade and old town, Baku also makes a great base to visit the fascinating burning mountain!

Göreme in Cappadocia, Turkey


A cosmopolitan and exotic destination, Turkey is abundant in culture and natural beauty with its bustling bazaars, white sandy beaches, romantic rocky coves and marvellous mosaics. Must visit city: Göreme in Cappadocia for its tall, cone shaped rock formations known as ‘fairy chimneys’.

Porto, Portugal


From beautiful beaches and Portuguese tarts to medieval castle and cobblestone villages, Portugal has a lot to offer to even the most experienced of travellers. Must visit city: Porto for its delicious locally produced port and cutting-edge architecture.

Lake Bled, Slovenia


Packed with unusual unique charms, Slovenia is a paradise of romantic rivers, dramatic peaks and enchanting forests, making it a truly whimsical place. Must visit city: Lake Bled for its postcard worthy views, medieval castle and sumptuous cream cake.

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