Travel Tips | Our favourite food experiences

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 30 Jan 20

Enjoying local delicacies can broaden our understanding of the places we visit, the people who live there and can allow us to truly connect with a destination. Food is not the only reason we travel but it certainly has the power to make strong memories.

Eating engages all of our senses: the sight of a perfectly presented dish, the smell of spices, the crunch of a fresh baguette, the feel and texture of a dish in the mouth and of course, the taste.

This month we’ve asked the Bunnik Tours team for their favourite food experiences. Some of the staff have adventurous palates!

  1. Many, many years ago – Italian pasta & a 2L bottle of local plonk at a restaurant in Rome! Not very expensive, but very memorable.
  2. There is a restaurant in New York called Tao, which I always visit when I go there. They do an amazing sizzling Szechuan chicken.
  3. Lamb on the spit in Patagonia, amazing!!
  4. The many Indian dishes consumed within 3 weeks in India
  5. Char Kway Teow in Kuching, Nasi Lemak in Kuala Lumpur and croissants and baguettes in Paris. Yes, I like food!
  6. A 5 course French menu, accompanied by local wine at Tour 58 on the Eiffel Tower
  7. Swiss Fondue dinner at the Chateau Lake Louise in Canada. Beaver Tail in Banff came in a close second.
  8. Fillet steak with Roquefort cheese sauce in N’Djamena, Chad. It was the most incredible French cuisine in the most unexpected place.
  9. Canadian Poutine and wings in general were amazing!
  10. On my last trip to France with my Mum, we ate dinner at Atelier Maître Albert in Paris which was a Michelin star restaurant. Our table overlooked Notre Dame and it was just magical with the lights at night and amazing food & service!
  11. Pizza in Florence
  12. Shopping at the local markets in Annecy, France. The produce was amazing and we bought up lots of things to cook up a little feast back in our apartment. Oh, and the nougat from the market was delicious – it had to be carved with a saw!
  13. Raclette and a salt-encrusted chicken at Auberge d’Hermance in Switzerland. In Singapore, white pepper mud crab from No Signboard Seafood.
  14. Seafood Paella in Barcelona, Spain
  15. Jerk chicken, rice and beans with a cold red stripe on the beach in Negril Jamaica
  16. Chicken Pho at a guest house on the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Was the most amazing meal and it was all from the garden of the family I stayed with … even the chicken.
  17. A Greek “banquet” in a small Taverna on Santorini with my wife, son & future daughter in-law the evening before they were married.
  18. Baguette, cheese and red wine while sitting on the grass near the Eiffel tower
  19. Steak in Argentina closely followed by BBQ in the USA.
  20. Guinea Pig!
  21. Beetroot Pasta in Cusco, Peru. Sounds weird, but it was amazing.
  22. Pizza in Rome
  23. Favada in Taramundi (Asturias, North Spain)
  24. Sunday brunch at the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel…complete with breakfast mimosas…a monthly occasion during my two years in Banff.
  25. Gorganzola Gnocchi in San Francisco! (have it every time I go there!)
  26. Squid ink pasta with sea urchins in Sicily
  27. At the home of one of our local guides in Phnom Penh, Cambodia we got to share dinner with his family. The food was incredible, some of the best I had the entire trip. It was also great being in their home, sitting on the floor and seeing how little they have yet they were very happy.

What have been your favourite food experiences when overseas?