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  • 10 Aug 20

Mention Israel and most would picture the biblical sites of Bethlehem, the historic mosques of Jerusalem, or even the sunny beaches of Tel Aviv, but would you ever dream of wineries? In fact, wine has been produced in Israel since biblical times, taking advantage of the region’s microclimates, producing internationally acclaimed wines.

Golan Heights Winery by Berthold Werner

Golan Heights Winery by Berthold Werner

Established in 1983, Golan Heights Winery is one of Israel's top award winning vineyards, growing and distributing quality wines throughout the world. Known as pioneers of the Israeli wine industry, the high altitude and volcanic soil, combined with the black basalt stone, creates the ideal conditions for grape growing.

Golan Heights by Marion Bunnik

Golan Heights by Marion Bunnik

As the third largest wine producer in Israel, with four labels to their name, Golan Heights Winery has a variety to suit anyone’s taste. Priding themselves in high quality wines, their efforts paid off when they won the award for the Best Bottle Fermented Sparkling Wines at London’s International Wine & Spirits Competition, for their 1996 Yarden Blanc de Blancs. Even more impressive, they backed this up in 2003 winning the same award for their vintage 1997 Yarden Blanc de Blancs, cementing their name at an international level.








Wines varieties by Marianne Casamance

A visit here is not complete without an expert guided tour of the site, including the barrel and tasting rooms. Learn the process of winemaking and the aging of wine in the barrels. Top off your visit with a sneaky tasting (or two)!

Barrel Room by Marion Bunnik

Barrel Room by Marion Bunnik

Wine presentation by Marion Bunnik

Wine Tasting by Marion Bunnik

As you’d expect in any wine region, the landscape of Golan Heights does not disappoint. The lush rolling hills are the perfect backdrop to a relaxing day of sipping wine.

Golan Heights landscape

Golan Heights by Aviv Ben Or/Unsplash

You can visit Golan Heights Winery and try some of their award winning wines on one of our Israel small group tours.