Small Group Touring Philosophy – Less time waiting

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 23 May 22

There are so many benefits that come from travelling in a small group and spending less time waiting around is certainly one of them. With a small group everything is easier and quicker, giving you more time to enjoy your holiday.

Discover South Australia group at Kangaroo Island Spirits by Dennis Bunnik

Discover South Australia group at Kangaroo Island Spirits by Dennis Bunnik

On a traditional coach tour the group size is usually large, sometimes up to 45 people on a coach. This results in a lot of time waiting for everybody to catch up or just to get on or off the bus. Additionally, the extra time taken to allocate hotel rooms, check-in or order at a restaurant can be extensive. Then there’s not getting the chance to have your questions answered because the guide is busy with everybody else.

It is for this reason that Bunnik Tours created small group tours of no more than 20 guests. By spending less time waiting for other group members, you will have more time to ask your guide questions and more time to see the wonders of the world.

On day 7 of our Spain in Depth small group tour we travel by coach from Valencia to Granada, enjoying the picturesque passing scenery. On this 9-hour journey we have a break for lunch and some comfort stops. Arriving in Granada in the early evening, our guide takes us on an orientation walk of the area. Fitting all this into one day would not be possible with a large group. The time would be doubled getting everyone on and off the coach various times throughout the journey and the group would either start their journey earlier or arrive in their destination much later.

On our Discover South Australia escorted tour, we join the Adelaide locals for ‘breakfast at the markets’ followed by a private tour of the Adelaide Central Market. This market can get quite busy at certain periods and with a large group you might have to wait longer to ensure no one gets lost.


All this makes a big difference to your travel experience, and we know that a smaller group makes for unforgettable holiday.