Language lesson: Polish style

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 28 Oct 20

A Slavic language, Polish is considered one of the most difficult for a native English speaker to learn! It’s tricky for two main reasons: the language’s grammar; and the sounds you’ll need to produce and understand.

Warsaw, Poland by Dennis Bunnik

Warsaw, Poland by Dennis Bunnik

So if you’re considering a trip to Poland, perhaps it’s a good idea to learn some of the basic (travel) words and phrases. Practice makes perfect and in no time, you’ll be a Polish expert!

Hello - Cześć (chech-sh-ch)

Good morning - Dzień dobry (jayn doh-brih)

Good evening - Dobry wieczór (doh-brih vieh-choor)

Please - Proszę (pro-shee)

Thank you - Dziękuję (jen-koo-yea)

Yes - Tak (tahk)

No - Nie (nye)

Do you speak English? - Mówisz po Angielsku? (moo-veesh poe ang-yell-skool?)

I don't understand - Nie rozumiem (nyea row-zoom-yem)

Excuse me - Przepraszam (pshe-pra-shaam)

Please write it down - Proszę to napisać (pro-sheh toh na-pee-sach)

How much does it cost? - Ile to kosztuje? (eel-e to k-osht-ooy-e) 

Where is ...? - Gdzie jest...? (gj-e y-est) 

Telephone - Telefon (tele-fon)

Where is the toliet? - Gdzie jest toaleta ? (gj-e y-est to-al-et-a) 

I am allergic to ... - Jestem uczulony na … (yes-tem uch-a-low-ne na) 

Does it include ... ? - Czy to obejmuje... (che to obey-mu-yeah)

I am ... - Jestem … (yes-tem)


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