7 of the Best Europe Tours for 40+ Year-Olds

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  • 15 May 24

For the world's second-smallest continent, Europe really packs a punch. With some of the world's most popular attractions to marvel over, centuries of history to uncover and rich cultures to experience, we could spend the rest of our lives exploring Europe! Travel in groups of just 20 travellers of middle-age and enjoy the majesty of Europe.

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy by Mirza Ariadi

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy by Mirza Ariadi

Not everyone got to travel in their early 20’s, and even if you did, you’re bound to want to continue to travel through your 40’s and beyond. Bunnik Tours aim is to make travelling throughout your life seamless, so you can experience the best Europe itineraries and much more at any age.



Explore our best Europe itineraries:


Explore Our Best Europe Itineraries

Europe is a rich and diverse continent full of history, stunning scenery, world-famous museums and more. You'll be spoilt for choice with our tours covering over 30 European countries, visiting both major cities and the quaint little towns in between. We offer a range of schedules and itineraries from in-depth experiences to shorter highlight tours, so there's something for every traveller!

This selection of the best Europe tours for 40+ year olds includes tours that last for three weeks or longer. If you’d like to look into shorter options, explore our Europe tours without airfares for options that extend for two weeks or less.

best europe tour itinerary: map


1.   Scandinavian Discovery

On this stunning 21-day journey through Scandinavia, you will visit Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Visit the Arctic Circle and discover some of the world’s most secluded townships. Experience the natural phenomenon of the ‘Midnight Sun’, ride the amazing Flåm Railway and travel through Norway’s spectacular fjords.

Scandinavia: europe tour itinerary for 21 days

This Scandinavian Europe tour itinerary includes: 

  • Enjoy dinner in the Gallery at North Cape, Europe’s northernmost point, and the perfect place to experience the phenomenon of the 'Midnight Sun'.
  • Enjoy a drink at an ice bar and gallery where everything, including the glasses, is made of crystal-clear ice from Norway.
  • Ride the famous Flåm Railway, enjoying some of Norway’s most dramatic scenery as you wind your way through mountains and past fjords.

Europe tours for 40+ year olds to Tromso, Norway

Tromso, Norway by Marion Bunnik


Helsinki Cathedral in Finland on the best Europe tour itinerary

Helsinki Cathedral, Finland by Marion Bunnik

2.   Spain, Portugal & Morocco

Enjoy the trip of a lifetime over 28 days through three vastly different countries.

Marvel at the architectural wonder of Barcelona and the charming cities of Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon before revelling in sunny southern Spain. Across the Strait of Gibraltar lies fascinating Morocco with its medieval towns, bustling medinas and vast desert landscapes.


Map of Spain Portugal & Morocco: best europe tour itinerary

This small group tour for 40+ includes some very special experiences:

  • Experience the atmosphere of Marrakesh’s main square, Jemaa el-Fnaa. Pass through a wondrous mix of food, music and entertainment, getting a taste of this lively city.
  • Take a cooking lesson in a beautiful Moroccan riad, then enjoy the food we’ve prepared for lunch.
  • Spend two nights in the magical town of Chefchaouen, one of the prettiest in Morocco, washed in hundreds of shades of blue.
  • Taste traditional Spanish tapas, enjoying a range of delicious bite-sized savoury dishes, richly seasoned with local spices.
  • Taste the famous Portuguese custard tart from Antiga Confeitaria. No visit to Lisbon would be complete without it!
  • Learn how authentic port is made and get to taste it at one of the many producers in Porto.

Architecture in Barcelona: europe tours for over 40's

Casa Milà in Barcelona, Spain by Dennis Bunnik


Lisbon, Portugal: best europe tour

Lisbon, Portugal by Emily Fraser


3.   Jewels of Dalmatia

Over 22 days you have the opportunity to discover the splendour of the Adriatic coastline and its surrounding treasures.

Be enchanted by the romance of Lake Bled, visit the ancient cities of Dubrovnik and Split, relax in charming coastal villages and marvel at the stunning Plitvice Lakes, all while experiencing generous local hospitality and delighting in the region's delicious cuisine.

Jewels of Dalmatia tour map

Our special experiences are selected to suit travellers over 40 yrs old, and on this tour they include:

  • Discover the culinary delights of Sarajevo on a gourmet walking tour. Enjoy a degustation of traditional foods, relax in a typical tavern and try two types of homemade rakija.
  • Enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals and taste the regional cuisine at a special home-hosted lunch at a local family restaurant.
  • Visit the traditional Gingerbread Museum to learn the history of this honey-bread and decorate your very own gingerbread heart, a symbol of love and passion.
  • Visit the Alpine Dairy Farming Museum, learning about the life of herdsmen in an authentic environment and tasting the locally produced cheeses.
  • Take a relaxing cruise aboard Rudolf’s Raft as we meander past the adorable houses and buildings dotted along the riverbanks, all while enjoying local wine paired with delicious snacks and light music.

Lake Bled is part of the best Europe itinerary

Lake Bled, Slovenia by Dennis Bunnik

Explore Croatia with other 40+ travellers

Dubrovnik, Croatia by Adam Dickson

If you’re ready to embark on an adventure, start preparing by learning these top 19 Croatian travel phrases. To learn more about this europe tour for 40+ year olds, explore upcoming dates for the Jewels of the Dalmatia tour


4.   Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan

Give your adventurous spirit free rein over 22 days spent exploring some of Europe’s best-kept secrets. If you haven’t heard, Georgia is the place where wine-making originated.

On this Europe tour for 40+ year olds, you’ll discover breathtaking scenery in Gobustan National Park and connect with locals as you sample their cuisines and handicrafts. Explore quaint villages, be enchanted by the cave city of Vardzia and admire the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Gelati Monastery.

Best Europe Itinerary: Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan

Special experiences to share with a like-minded small group of over 40 year olds:

  • Get a real taste of the local traditions and culture at an organic, home-made tea-cream party.
  • Visit a local family for a cooking class of dishes from the Kakheti region. Enjoy our creations for lunch with music performed by polyphonic singers.
  • Enjoy a private, classic trio reception concert at Ilia Chavchavadze Museum, complete with nibbles and an aperitif.
  • Take part in a hands-on dumpling masterclass with a local family and enjoy lunch in their home.
  • Explore a nunnery in upper Vardzia, where nuns will teach us how to handcraft wooden crosses and honey wax candles.
  • Master the art of baking your very own Lavash, a traditional Armenian thin bread.

Europe tour to Signaghi, Georgia

Sighnaghi, Georgia by Nene Samnashvili

Special experiences for 40+ year old travellers

Baku, Azerbaijan by Dennis Bunnik

Spread your wings and travel to Europe this year with a small group of 40+ travellers. Expand your perspective with our popular Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan tour - be sure to get in touch with the friendly Bunnik Tours team to learn more about this tour!


5.   Turkey & Greece

Uncover treasures from these two richly vibrant countries during a leisurely 24 day tour. This Europe itinerary is designed specifically for travellers over 40 years, starting with a journey from Istanbul to Athens via incredible Cappadocia. You will see magical Meteora and cruise the idyllic Greek Islands.

This fascinating guided tour will delve into classical history, explore colourful bazaars, visit the amazing hot springs of Pamukkale, and more!

Best Europe Tour Itinerary map: Turkey and Greece

Our special experiences offer something unique to our itineraries (we think it’s what makes our tours the best!). Here’s what we have in store for you in Turkey and Greece:

  • Excite your taste buds with some of Turkey’s most famous delicacies, including baklava, Turkish coffee, and of course, Turkish delight!
  • Honour the ANZACs at Gallipoli with a specialist guide, as we explore ANZAC Cove, the Lone Pine, Chunuk Bair Memorials, and Johnston's Jolly.
  • Visit a local restaurant in Cappadocia and learn to prepare some of the local culinary specialties in a hands-on cooking class.
  • Visit a local restaurant where we’ll enjoy a hands-on lesson and cook up a feast of Mediterranean cuisine for dinner.
  • From the village of Diakopto, we’ll embark on a 'Rack and Pinion' train journey along the 19th century Odontotos Rack Railway through the stunning Vouraikos Gorge.

Best Europe tours: The Blue Mosque, Istanbul

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey by Dennis Bunnik

Europe Tour to Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece by Sacha Bunnik

Keen to cruise the Greek Islands to see the beautiful island of Santorini, visit Gallipoli and explore Greece? Enquire about our upcoming Turkey and Greece tour dates to secure your spot on the next departure.


6.   Southern Italy, Sicily & Malta

From the grand city of Rome to Malta, the ‘Jewel of the Mediterranean’, experience stunning landscapes, picture-perfect towns and exquisite cuisine.

During the 22 day tour we’ll explore the ancient city of Pompeii, discover authentic Sicilian dishes and soak up the sun on the Isle of Capri and the beautiful Amalfi Coast.


Best Europe tour for over 40s map: Southern Italy, Sicily and Malta

This unique Europe itinerary includes special experiences selected to delight travellers over 40 years old. Here’s a peek of what is in store:

  • Enjoy an Italian culinary experience, with a hands-on lesson teaching us how to make pizza the authentic way.
  • Spend two nights staying in a traditional, heritage-listed trullo, a conical-shaped house unique to the region of Puglia.
  • Take a tour of a local olive farm. Located on the plains of the Marina di Ostuni, the impressive olive trees are thought to be up to a thousand years old.
  • Stay in one of Matera’s impressive sassi cave residences for two nights.
  • Watch the world go by while enjoying a coffee and freshly prepared pastries known as pastizzis at a well-established café, in the heart of Valletta.
  • Visit a traditional Maltese restaurant, where we’ll enjoy a tasting of local Gozitan wine over a light lunch.

Stunning Sorento: a top destination on Europe tours for 40+

Sorrento, Italy by Silvia Schweininger


St John's Cathedral: Best Europe tour itinerary in Malta

St John's Co-Cathedral, Malta by Dennis Bunnik

7.   Northern Italy, Slovenia & Croatia

Explore the stunning natural beauty of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

Enjoy the ‘good life’ in northern Italy, breathe the pristine air of the Alps, relax in the Lake District, and feel the romance of Venice. Experience the beauty of Lake Bled and Plitvice Lakes before a 7-night cruise down the sun-drenched Dalmatian coast.


 Northern Italy, Slovenia & Croatia tour map

Special experiences you will not want to miss on this tour include:

  • Enjoy a visit to the Gelato Museum dedicated to the history of artisan gelato, with tastings of course!
  • Take a chairlift up the mountains to the open-air museum of the 5 Torri, which bears the scars of WWI battles fought between the Italians and Austro-Hungarians.
  • Visit a local cheese producer, learning about the life of herdsmen in an authentic environment and tasting the delicious cheeses.
  • Spend two nights in stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park, only 400 metres from the highest waterfall.

Venice: A must stop in Europe for over 40s

Venice, Italy by Dennis Bunnik

Ljubljana in Slovenia: part of our Europe tour itinerary

Ljubljana, Slovenia by Sacha Bunnik

Travel with confidence when you join a small group of people over 40 to make memories that will last a lifetime. To learn more about our Europe itinerary for Northern Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, just ask!


Book the best Europe tours for 40+ year-olds with Bunnik Tours

This is just a sample of the range of Europe tours Bunnik Tours has in store for you - keep exploring our blog for inspiration or browse our Europe tours. There’s so much to experience, whether you decide to do some independent travel and include a small group tour along the way, or benefit from our all-inclusive tours to let us take care of everything. It’s never too late to experience the wonder and beauty of Europe.



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Frequently asked questions

What is the best travel company for over 50?

When travelling to Europe, Bunnik Tours is a clear choice. There are no hidden extras and travelling with small groups of up to 20 people means you will have space to spread out along the journey. You’ll be supporting an Australian owned family business, whilst benefiting from the small group tour experience. With nearly 30 years of experience operating tours to Europe, Bunnik Tours has won industry awards whilst keeping your travel and booking experience personal. 


How do I choose a European tour?

Here are some tips for choosing a European tour to suit those over 40:

  • Choose a small group with travellers of a similar age
  • Check the tour inclusions to avoid unexpected costs
  • Select a destination that excites you
  • Find out about the tour company, their history and their guides
  • Look for unique experiences that you can’t find elsewhere
  • Make sure that all your transport and accommodation is included.

When choosing a European tour, read through the itinerary so you understand how frequently you will be moving from place to place. On a Bunnik tour we ensure to include lots of multi-night stays so you can really enjoy each destination. You will also want to check what locations and activities are included so you know how to pack. Once you have chosen your best Europe itinerary, start planning the things you might like to see in your free time. And remember, if there’s a region you can’t manage to include this time - there’s always next trip!


Is it better to travel alone or with a group?

Travelling with a group can make the trip easier - you can be confident that all of the logistics and arrangements are in place, allowing you to relax and enjoy the journey.

Small group tours of Europe allow you to experience different cultures and locations intimately - plus there will be plenty of room to stretch out in the bus between sites. A guided European tour also allows you to benefit from the knowledge of your tour guide, so you can dive deeper and immerse yourself in new experiences.


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