South Korea's top 15 travel phrases

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 20 Aug 20

We all know that you don’t need to be completely fluent in a country’s native language to get around, but by learning just a few simple phrases and words, you’re sure to become more immersed in the culture and you’ll earn a lot of respect from the locals.

South Korea by South Korea Tourism Organisation

South Korea by South Korea Tourism Organisation

So, why not learn the top 15 Korean travel phrases? Let’s get started…


1. Hello - 안녕하세요

Pronunciation: An-nyeong-ha-se-yo

2. Thank you - 감사합니다

Pronunciation: Kam-sa-ham-ni-da

3. Nice to meet you - 반갑습니다

Pronunciation: Ban-gap-sum-ni-da

4. How are you? - 밥 먹었어요? 

Pronunciation: Bap meo-geo-seo-yo?

5. Excuse me/just a moment - 잠시만요

Pronunciation: Jam-shi-man-yo

6. I'm sorry - 최성합니다 / 미안합니다 

Pronunciation: Chway-seong-ham-ni-da./ Mi-an-ham-ni-da

7. Please (please give me...) - 주세요

Pronunciation: Ju-se-yo

8. Where is the...? - 어디예요

Pronunciation: Eo-di-ye-yo…?

9. How much is it? - 얼마예요

Pronunciation: Eol-ma-ye-yo?

10. The meal was good - 잘 먹었습니다 

Pronunciation: Jal meo-geo-sseum-ni-da 

11. I'm lost - 길을 잃었어요 

Pronunciation: Gil-eul  ilh-uht-suh-yo

12. Do you speak English? - 영어 할 수 있어요

Pronunciation: Yung-uh  hal  su-eet-suh-yo?

13. I don't understand - 잘 모르겠네요 

Pronunciation: Jal mo-reu-geht-neh-yo

14. Where is the bathroom? - 화장실이 어디예요? 

Pronunciation: Hwa-jang-shil-ee  uh-di-eh-yo?

15. I have an allergy - 저 알러지 있어요

Pronunciation: Juh  ahl-luh-ji  eet-suh-yo


Soon you’ll be conversing with the locals in no time!