Spacious Transport, Small Group Size? Yes please!

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 08 Apr 22

Have you ever noticed when talking about group touring that transport matters? Don’t worry, we have!

Samburu National Park, Kenya by Emily Fraser

Samburu National Park, Kenya by Emily Fraser

There is no doubt that one of the many benefits of travelling on a small group tour is the wide variety of transportation that is only available to a small group compared to a larger group.

Image credit: Gary Hayes

Image credit: Jeremy van Heerde

Having said that, now might be a great time to grab a coffee, take a break for five minutes and close your eyes… it’s Africa… imagine the sun sitting low in the sky as you bump along a dusty track in Tanzania's Tarangire National Park in a superior 4WD safari vehicle with a maximum of 5 others in search of the 'Big 5'. It’s sunset, and like each of your fellow passengers, you have an incredible view of the light dancing on the unique landscape unfolding before you.

The ranger gently slows the vehicle to a stop and a split second later, you notice what he has already seen; a herd of elephants reigning supreme on the savannah, the mama elephants shepherding the little ones across the dusty expanse right in front of you! Ah, the wonder of being able to share this magical experience with your small group.

Image credit: Emily Fraser

Leaving Tanzania behind, we unravel the delights of Kenya and before long, find ourselves in the middle of Lake Naivasha on a small boat safari, searching for the region’s famous pods of hippos and over 400 species of birdlife. Truly mesmerising - and impossible to do with a larger group - just saying...!

If Africa’s not your thing right now, you may enjoy the feeling of the wind ruffling your hair as you and the rest of your small group tour sail in a local felucca boat along the balmy Nile River in Aswan; or the private boat we take to explore gorgeous Lake Como in Italy from the water.

Alternatively, you may prefer to be in the air… travelling over the pristine Cataract Gorge in Tasmania in a chairlift; or in a hot air balloon over the stunning lunar landscape of Cappadocia in Turkey.

Image credit: Dennis Bunnik

Image credit: Sacha Bunnik

Image credit: Honi Gibson

These are just some of our favourite modes of transport we’re dreaming of here at Bunnik Tours. Any way you like it, it’s clear that travelling in the comfort of a small group offers a much wider variety of transport options than being limited to coach transportation as you would on a large tour. It’s true, size matters… and in the world of group touring, smaller is definitely better!

So you see, small group tours allow for an extensive (and fun) range of transport. Wherever you're picturing your dream holiday, contact our Travel Specialists today and let us make this happen for you!