Tasmania - a food lover's paradise!

  • Honi Gibson
  • 19 May 21

As well as being famous for its diversity, natural beauty and rugged landscapes, Tasmania is also quickly becoming food lover’s paradise. With a rich history in agriculture and farming, the island is abundant with gourmet experiences which will tantalise the tastebuds.

Pyengana Dairy Farm by James Atwell

Pyengana Dairy Farm by James Atwell

The Apple Isle’s culinary scene is very much based on local growers and farmers taking advantage of rich soil, clean air and cool climates to produce high quality food and beverages. Many of the top delicacies are included on our Tasmania in Depth tour.  Here’s a few more details to whet your appetite:

41 Degrees South Salmon Farm

Located near Deloraine, in Tasmania’s UNESCO approved World Heritage Area, 41 Degrees South is an inland salmon farm, ginseng nursery and wetlands area. The freshwater wetlands were not only created to house salmon, but also to attract a wide variety of birds and create sustainability. You can take a tour to learn of the farm’s history and the medicinal properties of ginseng, wander the boardwalks through the wetlands, and even view the beautiful Montana Falls nearby. The best part though is to set up a picnic under the trees and indulge in smoked salmon platters, sandwiches and a bottle of wine, or maybe even salmon burger and beer. 

Willie Smith’s Apple Shed

This original packing shed is the home to Willie Smith’s award-winning apple cider. Four generations have worked on these family orchards, which now focus on organic farming methods. The shed offers a warm and cosy interior with several tasting and dining areas.  There is also a museum showcasing historic relics from the apple growing industry, as well as 390 varieties of apples on their famous ‘apple wall'. Here you can taste all ciders, try an apple brandy, or even a light apple spirit produced onsite called Charles Oates Apple Blanco. Their kitchen offers delicious dishes to compliment the cider, and those with an extra sweet tooth can even indulge in the shed’s famous apple pie.


Pyengana Dairy Farm

Nestled amongst the rolling green pastures of remote North eastern Tasmania, lies the Pyengana Dairy. This farm is famous for their handcrafted cheese produced using traditional methods over the last 130 years. You can learn the milking and cheese production process, and sample some of the cheese varieties, including their signature Pyengana cheddar. Their dairy gate café also offers a varied lunch menu, and the generous ‘Farmers Lunch’ plate showcasing all local produce is highly recommended.

Tamar Ridge Winery

Tamar Ridge are renowned for their Pinot Noir red wines, which they have been perfecting for over 25 years. Located just outside of Launceston, they also offer crisp, cool-climate white wines and a blended sparkling. Here you can sit and enjoy a tasting of five of their best wine varieties, with knowledgeable staff talking you through each blend. Accompany this with a grazing platter, on their deck overlooking the vineyards and you have a perfect way to spend the afternoon.

While driving through Tasmania, it’s likely that nearly each town will have a bakery. From apple cakes and scones, to specialty pies and pasties, there are endless tasty choices, however; the most famous offering would have to be the Tasmanian Curried Scallop Pie. Many bakeries have claimed the title of ‘Best Pie’ over the years, so it can be fun to draw your own conclusion.

Along with honey, gin, ice cream, truffles, chocolate and succulent seafood, Tasmania really does have food delights to suit every taste. Be sure to add Tasmania to your list if you’re looking your next culinary adventure! Check the small group tour out here.


All images by Honi Gibson