Breakfast with a view

  • Zoe Francis
  • 02 Apr 20

Upon reading my itinerary for my upcoming travels to Sri Lanka, I noticed a place I’d never heard of before.

Pidurangala Rock, Sri Lanka

Pidurangala Rock, Sri Lanka

“This morning we enjoy an early morning breakfast on top of Pidurangala Rock. Offering panoramic views of the landscape below and uninterrupted views of the iconic Sigiriya rock fortress.” 

Pidurangala? I didn’t know how to say it let alone where it was and what it would be like, little did I know it was going to become one of my favourite memories from my upcoming trip.


In the days leading up to our excursion to Pidurangala our tour guide had advised how he had climbed the P rock as we started calling it, many times before.  Not as high as climbing it’s neighbouring Sigiriya rock, but a little more challenging with no set path.

Waking up before the dawn and travelling to the base of the rock in the dark was quite the adventure for our diverse small group.

Starting our climb before the first break of sunlight may seem daunting, and while some parts were steep or slightly challenging, it seemed in no time we had all made it up the top.

When we came around the bend to the top of the rock as the sun was breaking over the Sri Lankan countryside, the view simply took my breath away.


I sat there upon the top of Pidurangala watching the start of a new day awaken, a peaceful and reflective moment.  Every which way I looked was the spectacular sunrise highlighting the scenery below, but the most impressive was the sight of Sigiriya.  Overlooking Lion rock with uninterrupted views added a new depth to the ancient rock fortress.

When I thought the morning couldn’t be any more beautiful, our local guides set up a picnic breakfast with that perfect view.  As we enjoyed our fresh fruits and Sri Lankan treats with the most beautiful backdrop I couldn’t help but be grateful for how lucky we were to enjoy this experience.

Returning home after two weeks travelling all around Sri Lanka, this was still one of the best moments I’ve taken with me from our tour.


- Our National Sales Manager, Zoe, recently travelled to Sri Lanka and experienced our Sri Lankan Journey small group tour -

All photos by Zoe Francis