Five reasons why SA's Flinders Ranges are a must-do!

  • Sacha Bunnik
  • 21 Jul 20

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to explore Mars? Well I could confidently say South Australia’s Flinders Ranges are likely the next closest thing.

Flinders Ranges, by Amie Bunnik

Flinders Ranges, by Amie Bunnik

In early July I set out with my family and a few close friends to simply get lost and uncover all that this spectacular Outback region has to offer… and oh my, it did not disappoint! Albeit having travelled to the Flinders a few times before, each visit is filled with pure magic, leaving a long lasting impression, making you crave the inspiring experience again and again.


The Flinders are South Australia’s largest mountain range, starting roughly 200 kilometres north of its capital city, Adelaide. The rugged ranges stretch over an approximate 400 kilometres, starting around Port Pirie and ending around Lake Callabonna in the state’s north-east.

If someone asked me why they should go to the Flinders, I could rattle off a million reasons as to why a trip is a no brainer! But we don’t have time for that – so let’s delve into the top five reasons as to why exploring the Flinders is a must-do!


Accessible Outback

The Flinders Ranges are one of, if not the most, accessible Outback regions in Australia. Located just a few hours drive from SA’s capital city, you can basically get there within a half day of driving (permitted you haul into the small old towns along the way for responsible rests!).


Endless wildlife opportunities

When you picture the ‘Outback’, I can almost guarantee your mind will drift to the iconic and unique wildlife species that are native to this special part of the world - and you are spot on!


From fast, bouncy kangaroos of varying colours and sizes, to the bush-like emu’s, whose hilarious run is guaranteed to make you laugh – there are so many species to explore. Prepare to keep an eye out though, as you may just spot a rare echidna if you’re lucky!



Step back in time

A trip to the Flinders is like stepping back in time. Truly an experience like no other, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported in a time machine back millions of years. The red-coloured sediment layers highlight the region’s age and its incredibly long-standing history. Don’t worry though, there aren’t any giant kangaroos or large lizards roaming these ancient lands anymore, phew!


Spectacular scenery

Possibly one of the biggest draw cards of the Flinders Ranges is the spectacular scenery the area offers. Whether you’re witnessing the sun rise over the rugged outskirts of the famous Wilpena Pound, simply walking within it or enjoying drinks on a vantage point as the sun sets, you’ll undoubtably have a unique experience each time as no one view is the same.


Heritage towns

In order to reach the Flinders Ranges, you’ll need to drive through various towns before arriving at this gem. But you know what they say, the journey is as good as the trip itself – especially when you get to pass through quaint, heritage towns along the way! The small town of Quorn is a notable stand out. Calling themselves the ‘Capital of the Flinders’, it’s the perfect place to visit for that old style charm, which is so alluring that it’s actually been featured in various movies over the years!


Combining spectacular scenery with heritage towns, unique wildlife, and unparalleled views, what could be better than stepping back in time and exploring all this marvellous region has to offer? Discover what makes this part of the world so special on our 11-day South Australia – Discover Our Home with Dennis Bunnik small group tour.


All images by Dennis Bunnik and Amie Bunnik