Keeping up with the Kimberley

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 06 Apr 21

Amongst some of our favourite things are quaint towns, sublime natural scenery, and friendly, passionate locals. Lucky for us, it can all be found within Western Australia’s Kimberley region! It has us thinking, how can a place be so diverse?

Kimberley Coast by Andrew Halsall

Kimberley Coast by Andrew Halsall

The Kimberley is a vast, expansive region. In fact, the Kimberley region encompasses the entire tip of Western Australia, so indeed there is a lot to explore! From rustic outback towns to coastal getaways, the opportunities for discovery are endless. Covering approximately 420,000 square kilometres, the Kimberley region is around 3 times the size of England. It has also been discovered that this region was among the earliest settled parts of Australia, with the first arrivals landing about 40,000 years ago from the islands known now as Indonesia.

Image credit: Quentin Chester

The Kimberleys coastal towns are perhaps the region’s biggest draw card. And it truly isn’t hard to see why. From the famed Broome to all the hidden seaside gems up north; if you’re after a sunny escape, Western Australia is the place to be.

A gateway to the Kimberley region, the delightful Broome is the largest city on the Kimberley coast. Truly a feast for the senses, this welcoming town’s rich history combined with its abundance of natural beauty and tropical vibes, make this a destination just waiting to be enjoyed. Basking in the sunshine, you can explore one of the (very!) many white sandy beaches that hug the crystal clear, turquoise water, with Cable Beach being one of the most famed. Or perhaps if stargazing is on your agenda, then there’s plenty of chance in Broome to do so.


Just beyond Broome is the Lacepede Islands, where exotic species call this place home, including one of the largest colonies of brown boobies. Talbot Bay will enchant you with its unique geology, where huge tides have formed the Horizontal Waterfalls. Found within the gorgeous Collier Bay is Montgomery Reef, a delightful natural wonder that covers 400 square kilometres and with that, an abundance of sparkling marine life.

Image credit: Andrew Halsall


Image credit: Quentin Chester

Up a bit further you’ll find heavenly places, such as: Careening Bay; Saint George Basin; Prince Frederick Harbour; Swift Bay; and Koolama Bay. Here you’ll find serene beaches, long windy rivers, a vast array of wildlife (including the saltwater croc!) and red rocks that encapsulates Australia’s long and rich history.

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All images courtesy of: Aurora Expeditions