Hungry in Hungary?

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 24 Feb 21

All this talk of Hungary has us feeling rather hungry, and here at Bunnik Tours, we simply love good food. I mean… who doesn’t? So in honour of the nation’s name, we’re delving into some of their must-try dishes. Come along with us and make sure to pack your appetite, you’re going to need it where we’re going!

Image credit: MOs810/Wikipedia Commons

Image credit: MOs810/Wikipedia Commons


It wouldn’t be a list of Hungarian foods without the mention of arguably the country’s most famed dish, the beloved Goulash. Broadly called goulash, but known locally as gulyás, this meal is hearty, hot, and simply delicious. The popular soup is full of chunky beef, potatoes, and vegetables, with the liberal addition of spices and paprika (in which is widely adored by the Hungarian people!).

Image credit: Valeva1010/Wikipedia Commons



Although this dish is in fact a crepe, and is fairly similar to its French analogue, it’s actually thicker – but not quite a pancake. They can be filled with both sweet and savoury options, with the most popular toppings being: Gundel, which is walnuts, raisins, rum (yes!) with a dark chocolate sauce on top; and Hortobágyi, containing ground meat, onion and a healthy serving of a paprika sour cream sauce!

Image credit: Christo/Wikipedia Commons



Despite the intimidating name, this simple dessert is anything but! This sweet pull-apart bread is a Transylvanian classic, and is baked outdoors over charcoal rotisserie-style, making for the perfect, all rounded cook. They’re mostly coated with cinnamon, sugar, cocoa and nuts – what could sound better than that?

Image credit: Marco Verch/Flickr


Túrós Csusza

Calling all cheese lovers out there – this one’s for you! Essentially a melting pot of flat, wide noodles, mixed with the Hungarian cheese ‘túró’ and chunky bacon, this meal is the perfect dish all year round, and plus, it’s super simple to whip up!

Image credit: Kake/Flickr



A quintessentially Hungarian ingredient, Paprika is a must-have when cooking most savoury dishes. Although simple in the sense that it's Hungarian peppers turned into a paste or powder, it's flavour is larger than life, making it the perfect addition to any savoury dish! 

Image credit: Badagnani/Wikipedia Commons


So if you ever get the opportunity to sample any of these classic Hungarian dishes, don’t pass it up! Who knows, you may stumble across a new favourite. Jo étvágyat!