Quirky Hungary

  • Bunnik Tours
  • 23 Feb 21

Despite being a relatively small country, Hungary does pack quite the punch! Read on to uncover some of this landlocked, central European nation’s quirks and see what sets it apart from its neighbours.

Image credit: Dennis Bunnik

Image credit: Dennis Bunnik

1.       They’ve won more than 485 Olympic medals

Considering the size of their population, Hungary has incredibly won the second most gold medals in the Olympic summer games of all countries per capita – having won gold medals in every Olympics they’ve competed in!

2.       Hungarians speak a truly unique language

Said to be one of the hardest languages to learn, particularly compared to others from Europe, it is incredibly unique. Its origins are special too, deriving from the steppe of central Asia and the ancestors of the Magyar tribes who founded Hungary!

3.       Thermal springs galore!

The highest number of thermal springs can be found in Hungary’s beautiful capital city of Budapest. There’s said to be around 120 springs in Budapest, with around 70 million litres of water rising to the surface each day. Crazy!  

4.       Hungarians are responsible for many inventions

Over time, many inventions have come from the humble Hungary. Here’s some things you probably didn’t know were invented in Hungary:

  • The modern computer
  • The ballpoint pen
  • The helicopter
  • The Pulitzer Prize
  • The Rubik’s Cube
  • The safety match
  • Holography

5.       Hungary’s national dish is the delicious goulash

It’s Hungary’s national dish, and for a great reason! This delicious soup like meal consists of meat and vegetables but packs a punch with its spices, most notably paprika – a Hungarian fav! Spelt gulyás in Hungarian, its origins have been traced back to the 9th century, a dish eaten by Magyar Sheppards.

6.       It’s one of Europe’s oldest countries

Hungary is truly old! Being founded all the way back in 895, that makes this European country older than its bigger neighbours, those including France and Germany.

7.       You can’t name your child unless it’s approved by the government!

If you’re Hungarian and are having troubles naming your child, you’re in luck because the country’s government have a list of pre-approved names available. However, if you’re looking at naming your new-born a name that’s not on this list, you’ll need to submit an application!

8.       The Hungarian alphabet has several letters

Unlike the English alphabet, the Hungarian alphabet has 44 letters, so it truly is a unique language and is like nothing you’ll find elsewhere in Europe!

9.       Hungary was the first communist country to re-open its borders

Although during the Cold War Hungary opposed the Soviet regime, it still remained a communist country until 1989 when the country finally re-opened its border to the rest of Europe! They were in fact the first country to do so.

10.   Hungary is home to the first official wine region!

Generally when people think of Hungary, they think of rich history, beautiful architecture, and good food, and we bet wine isn’t one of those things! Hungary, however; is actually home to the first official wine region! So although other European nations, namely Italy and France, may be more well known for their wines, Hungary’s Tokaj region is actually the world’s first!


All images by: Dennis Bunnik