Karnak Temple, Egypt | Touched by Karnak

  • Dennis Bunnik
  • 07 Feb 20

When I first walked into Karnak Temple 5 years ago I knew it was special, but it was not until I returned this week that I realised the power it had over me…

Dennis Bunnik at Karnak Temple, Egypt

Dennis Bunnik at Karnak Temple, Egypt


The scale of Karnak will amaze

Karnak is the Vatican City of Ancient Egypt; it was the epicentre of religious activity and home to the most magnificent temples and ceremonies. Within this vast complex one area stands out – and this is the hypo-style hall. It can be simply described as this: 134 stone columns each measuring between 14 and 20 metres in height and covered in hieroglyphics.



Words cannot describe

But these words don’t describe this place. No words can. To walk into the hall and stand amongst these giant pillars is to feel its power. Since my first visit I have described them to well over 2,000 people at various presentations around the country – I knew what to expect. What I did not expect was the feeling that overcame me as I re-entered the hall and stood again amongst its pillars. I could not just feel Karnak in my heart I could feel it in my entire core. It was an incredibly emotional experience. I could bore you with various facts and figures about Karnak but I won’t – you can find them on various specialist websites. To me Karnak is not about facts or figures, about which pharaoh built this or that, it’s purely about the feeling and the power of walking amongst these ancient stones and being this close to history.



To give you some small idea of what it’s like have a look at this video.

While this video will give you a glimpse, to really feel Karnak you’ll have to walk amongst its ancient pillars yourself.

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Photo Credit: All Photos by Dennis Bunnik