Photo Guide | The Jewels of Dalmatia

  • 14 Jun 20

The Jewels of Dalmatia explores the Balkan states and the spectacular countryside of south-eastern Europe. From the romance of Venice and Budapest, medieval cities, charming coastal villages and stunning national parks – this delightful region of Europe has become a real favourite with travellers & food lovers!


Explore the cobblestone streets at your own pace and admire this cities old-world charm, filled with graciousness, friendly and lively energy.



Mostar is famous for its Ottoman Bridge, bustling gold alley and numerous mill house restaurants lining the banks of the river which set an enchanting scene.



Set against a backdrop of the shimmering Adriatic Ocean with historic towering walls, its stunning scenery has become even more popular in recent times with the successful TV series, Game of Thrones.

Plitvice Lakes

Famous for its magnificent turquoise lakes, waterfalls and cascades – spend time exploring its 16 terraced lakes or just relax and enjoy the tranquility.


The region around Bled is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Set amongst stunning mountain peaks and brimming with forests and greenery, waterfalls and streams, it is characterised by the iconic church steeple that perches atop a tiny island in the middle of the lake.


Positioned between dramatic mountains and a brooding bay, Kotor’s scenery is simply specatuclar.